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Happy Turkey Day

I just want to take a few minutes to wish all my friends in the States a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Even in the darkest of moments we have so much to be thankful for.  We have so many things we take for granted that others still fight for such as education, access to health care.  Our systems may be far from perfect but compared to many we have little room for complaint.

And although we here in the UK do not celebrate thanksgiving I still give thanks fir all the wonderful people I have met through wordpress.


Now I also have a strange request for help from a fb friend does anyone know the answer to her question?

As a young lady, I recall a series of books for youthful readers containing classical short stories, such as The Gift of the Magi, The Monkey’s Paw, etc. I recall them being in different colors such as orange, green, yellow and blue.
The story I am trying to find is about an elderly couple on board a train bound for their hometown. I believe they are going to attend a relatives funeral, possibly her cousins.
The couple discusses how they met at a dance to which the husband had escorted the wife’s aforementioned cousin. They ponder what would have happened if the husband had remained with and married the cousin instead.
In their compartment is a box that actually shows them the tragic answer they were pondering, and if I recall correctly, end up with them together but after a great deal of heartache and trauma.

This story has haunted me for years so I beg, on behalf of my dwindling sanity, for someone to help me find this story or even better, the series of books.

I am sure one of you must know being in the UK even the description of the books does not ring bells for me so it maybe a series published only in the US

19 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day

  1. The story sounds fascinating although it doesn’t ring a bell at all! Thank you for the Thanksgiving well wishes and you’re RIGHT, we have only to be grateful.



    1. I’m afraid I’m at a loss here, but I do happen to have The Monkey’s Paw, which is by W W Jacobs. Perhaps they also wrote the story that your friend refers to, so she may want to search by author.

      If she finds it, please let me know because it sounds totally intriguing!


  2. The other story was by O. Henry (a pen name, don’t remember his real name) who wrote many stories with “twists” at the end. The story described is not familiar to me at all.

    Thanksgiving is a great holiday, respected by all religious traditions and involving family, a feast, and thankfulness.


  3. Never heard of the story but agree with others it does sound intriguing.
    I don’t think it is quite accurate to say we don’t celebrate thanksgiving just because we don’t keep the same date as US. Harvest Festival is thanksgiving,


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