All New Weekly Round Up #01

Okay it has been a while but I finally feel up to starting to set some goals again and feel the need to refocus my work after the distractions of surgery.  each week there will once again be 5 aims or targets to get creative juices flowing for the up coming week plus a review of the previous weeks targets and how the were met if indeed they were.

1.  Each week goal number one will be my proposed word count which I want to try to increase each week in preparation for my personal NaNo style writmo in January.  As I mentioned in a previous post I found some great spreadsheets to keep track of my word count and I will be using these to keep track of my progress.  I am starting the word count target at a thousand words a day but that will include blog posts so on average it will be around 400-500 on the blog then the rest on my WIP.

I know this one is not very clear to read but it is just to give you an idea and I will do a close up showing each weeks progress,

2.  I will begin reading Udolpho again, it has sat waiting patiently while I recovered but if I do not get back into it now I will still be looking at it next christmas.

3.  Editing Counting Down for the WOCA Anthology the first notes came back just before my surgery and I have to say they were all totally fair points I read through and can see all the changes required, now just to sit down and get it done.

4.  Reading blogs! you know how terrible I have been lately due to various problems then my surgery there are currently 3,445 posts sat waiting to be read in my email inbox.  Obviously no way am I going to get them all caught up at once so what I propose is to try to keep up with your new posts then randomly knock off 50 per week from the total waiting.  This means reading between 5 – 10 extra emails a day which in theory shouldn’t be too hard lol but you will also understand why I havent been commenting as much lately as I am trying to get through as many as possible when I got out f hospital my inbox had nearly 6.000 posts in it the hundred blogs I follow currently are producing nearly a 500 posts a day and I am sadly having to reconsider how I cope with these as much as I don’t want to drop any I am beginning to fear I may have to.

5.  This is a personal one which is to get through another week cig free!  It is strange the first week which should have been hardest was relatively easy but I am finding it really hard now.  I know I do not need one but I really want one I know the actually physical craving has passed and this is mental but it doesn’t help.


16 thoughts on “All New Weekly Round Up #01

  1. Great work on your word counts, Paula! And my husband and I are hoping to quit smoking soon as well – I’m just afraid of what type of monster I’ll turn into once I start going through withdrawals. WE CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT! 😀


  2. You are way more organized than I. I just keep a page on my blog with my word counts and that’s about it. And keep up with the non-smoking thing! Think of all the extra money you’ll be saving!


    1. I actually decided to take Valentines advice in part and have skimed through a load on my emails and deleted without going to the pages themselves and have halved the list that way already


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