Counting My Blessings

As you know it has been a long and stressful week as I battle to recover from surgery yet feel slightly guilty about my improving health while innocents lose their fight, though we have not given up hope of a miracle yet.

The hardest thing about having faith is trusting to the judgement of another power who does not feel the need to share their plan with you, regardless of religion, faith is the one thing we all share. The implicit trust that is required to believe that whatever trials are placed in our path are for the greater good though we cannot understand the reasoning.  When it is a child who is suffering that faith is tested most severely and though I need to believe that either a miracle will be found or that Charlie, if he must leave us, will go to a better place at this time my faith is stretched.

Ever since my sons own battle for life I try to find something to be thankful for each day. By that I don’t actually mean the big things because of course I am thankful for my children everyday, and for my friends and family.  Rather it is the small things which pass by so easily unnoticed.  The sunrise and sunset, the colour of the leaves as they changed their hue.  The flash of green on a Magpies wing.

Even this week when so much has looked grim and I have suffered with physical pain aswell as heartache I have been blessed with the friendship of strangers from foreign shores reaching out to me in so many different ways.   I have a few different awards awaiting me which though it is wonderful to be acknowledged for my work it is the warmth with which they are given which has brough a smile to my face and I shall be accepting over the next few days.

But the thing that really brought tears to my eyes of gratitude this week was this…

A surprise package arrived thanks to Rhonda, she had mentioned having something to bring for me when we were hoping to meet up but due to my surgery I had forgotten all about her words until I opened the package that arrived thursday and found these.  The book was one she had mentioned a while ago and I had commented that I had not read it but it sounded interesting.  in a world where with the click of a button whole posts can be deleted she had remembered one comment and set it aside.  A gift which is more precious to me than the grandest of jewels because it is one of those special gifts given from pure friendship without thought of what shall be received in turn.

But in a way I hope she will see this as a gift back in itself…

I hope the knowledge that her present was received with love, gratitude and so much respect for the sender will warm her heart as much as she warmed mine.

11 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. Thoughtful and insightful (: I wish that more people thought like you…that no matter what we need to keep having faith and looking at the brighter things and hoping that it will get better.



  2. That’s great. Packages are the best, especially if they are unexpected. And that is a great book, by the way. 🙂 I hope you recover quickly and may we all be thankful every day for what we have.


  3. I love that mug. Thanks for sharing this message, it’s nice to be able to find things to be thankful for even during difficult times. I’ve been following the story about lite Charlie, it’s hard to understand the reason for this sort of thing. I hope your own recovery starts to go better very soon.


  4. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful no matter what problems you may have.


  5. I too try to be thankful but admittedly struggle with Faith when it comes to children. I pray it all works out for the best, whatever that will be.


  6. I’m glad I found your blog!


  7. Ahh an unexpected package at the right time! 🙂


  8. I am grateful for the reminder to be thankful for the small blessings. I had a tough time with that this week until an unexpected gift reminded me. Love the cup! So glad you are mending.


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