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Little Library

You stand and watch the world go by

Never caring to step in

You left the ride that is life

And never got back on


You thought nobody noticed

As you receded far away

A shadow of your former self

Standing there all day


You left your love riding free

And couldn’t bare the pain

But is this the way?

To waste what’s left


You think nobody sees you

I watch you watching all

You care nothing for the world

But why?


Yes, you loved and lost all

Yet you never fought to keep it

Now you stand here watching

Everything passing by


I see you, and you fear

I hear you, and you hide

I stand beside you, and you belong

I leave, and you stand alone.

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5 thoughts on “

    1. thats my girl but shhh she doesn’t want me to tell everyone lol


      1. In the genes, but I’ll never tell. 🙂


      2. yeah well done with that mum.


      3. go back to your own blog now hun and think up some tags 😀 xxx


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