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A Request

Tears are streaming down my face as I type this little Charlie’s latest test results are back and it is the worst possible news ever.

Failing finding some sort of trial that could save him Charlie is expected to lost his brave battle in the coming weeks, the chemo has failed and the cancer has invaded his body once more meaning that the life saving transplant cannot take place.

I need not tell you how devasted his family and friends are.  There is not much we can do now except pray for a miracle and give them our unending support and that is my request – please visit Charlie’s page here and hit like.  It will not raise funds or save his life but every click is a virtual hug for a family being brave enough to share every parents worst nightmare.

30 thoughts on “A Request

    1. Thankyou, while of course we are still clinging on to the hope of a miracle it so cruel that just as he seemed to be beating it for the second time it has attacked once more with such vengence


  1. I read their status update last night on facebook and I couldn’t bring myself to leave a comment because I didn’t want to write anything that might sound trite. It is utterly devastating news and I just keep hopin that something positive will happen. Chin up, love, keep the positive vibes flowing.

    Sending a huge hug!


    1. I know the family have today begun the desperate task of looking for any sort of trial treatment that might offer hope aswell as trying to raise media awareness I spoke to Charlie’s uncle this morning and the whole family are in shock as everything had seemed to be going so well


      1. am literally holding my breath every minute awaiting developments Fi will not give up fighting until Charlie does just hoping one of these leads takes us down a better road xx


  2. Hi Paula…such sad news, and what a beautiful little boy. All we can do in these instances is seek some kind of sense to all of it, and trust that God has a plan for him. He will be safe and warm and without pain. That much is certain. My prayers for you and Charlie’s family. I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with this whole story. Are you related or a friend of the family?
    Warm Regards,


    1. I actually became friends with his great uncle a few years ago via a game on fb and although sadly we have been unable to meet up in real life despite a couple of tries our families have become close we celebrated Charlie’s birth online and the first time he beat this terrible illness, he was so close to beating it again this time the bone marrow match had been found and surgery scheduled – he has been fighting this terrible disease over half his short life and has been such an inspiration with how incredibly brave he has been


  3. So very sad to read your post and I have ‘liked’ to register support for Charlie and family. I cannot think what so say which would help other than my thoughts are with Charlie and family and friends and I hope there is some comfort in that and I pray for a miracle.


      1. He is still looking good for the trial he actually was in hospital yesterday having various tests undergeneral anaestetic including lumber puncture and biopsys and we are nervously awaiting test results to know he is ready to start the trial am waiting for either his mum to post onhis page or his uncle to message me


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