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New Blog Site

No don’t worry I am not going anywhere, but I have started a new blog page.  The reason is quite simple – I love taking photos but they do use up space like crazy. So I have decided to start a new blog just to post photos on then when I upload a new batch I can simply reblog to here saving the space they were taking up on this my main blog.  Also I would like to say any photos on the other blog that you like feel free to take for inspiration, family pictures etc will only be posted on this blog and remain private obviously but those of the big houses, walks, and places I have visited I am more than happy to share.

The first set of pictures to feature on there were taken after my doctors visit yesterday, rather than walk to the chemists along the main road I cut through the museum grounds though sadly I did not feel up to having a really good look round I did get a few nice shots which really capture Autumn.

The new blog is called Inspired Thru The Lens and you can find it here.

11 thoughts on “New Blog Site

      1. It really is just little things, for example when you character answers te phone and you put they attend, while technically it works it isn’t really quite the right word to use if you get what I mean it is something which loses a little meaning in translation, to say they answered, replied, responded would have been a better fit if you understand my meaning


      2. I appreciate your time and effort and I PERFECTLY understand what you meant and it is right too…I must think about such things….you helped me grow, that’s not trivial, thanks a lot for the support Paula 🙂 ❤


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