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DVD Review – Jeeves & Wooster (Box set 1990-1993)

I will state first of all that it does require a certain type of humour to fully appreciate this series, and it may very well not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love it.

The full series based on PG Wodehouse’s novels only lasts 23 episodes and revolves around the misadventures and intrigues of a group of upper class friends who come to rely upon Bertie Wooster’s unflappable valet Jeeves to step in and save the day.  Are the plots a little ridiculous? Well yes but that does not detract the enjoyment.

In the world of PG Wodehouse it does appear every woman’s intention is to bag a husband and every man’s intention is to avoid being bagged by the one who wants to bag him.  Affections are changed frequently much to comic effect and poor Wooster finds himself frequently in danger of matrimony.

Excellent casting in the main roles has Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry playing the title roles and I really must say if you haven’t watched this then give it a go.  For none Brits it may be a little off putting at first but stick with it and you will soon find yourself laughing at the sort of men who once ruled our country (and from whom those running it today are descended) if nothing else you will appreciate why we Brits need a good sense of humour and why we find it so easy to laugh at ourselves.

5 out of 5 stars.

9 thoughts on “DVD Review – Jeeves & Wooster (Box set 1990-1993)

  1. When I first read PG Wodehouse many moons ago, in my head the characters were precisely as Fry and Laurie portrayed them. This series is one of my favourite television adaptations of literary genius ever.


  2. Ahaha! Canadians totally “get” Brit humour, so I think I would love this…almost as much as Blackadder and Fawlty Towers (which were brilliant!). We are also a nation full of Corrie Street addicts. You might enjoy checking out one of Canada’s funnier offerings, Corner Gas.


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