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Lest We Forget


Whether we agree with the conflicts in which they fall we must never forget those who gave their lives that we might have the freedom to disagree and debate.  For me personally it is a time to remember a young Irish man who set off to fight for his families future and never come home.

RIP Great Grandad, Pt Michael Acton, Yorkshire Regiment xxxxx

If you missed it I wrote a post on my great grandad here

8 thoughts on “Lest We Forget

  1. I have a great-uncle to remember, who died on the beach at Dunkirk. I don’t even know his name, other than the fact his surname was Morris (he was Welsh but I don’t know what regiment or what his rank was). Perhaps my Dad could tell me.

    Anyway, he was my grandmother’s older brother, so I know that he would have been a good, kind young man.


    1. my great grandad is buried in thiepval, the irony is a few years ago before i started doing the family tree and discovered where he ended up my sister who is a geography teacher took a group of students there, one of them spotted the name and pointed it out to her, she remembered thinking it strange that it was actually not only the same surname but had my dads christian name, now we know that the name she stood looking at in a foreign land was actually for our great grandad killed in the battle of the somme whose body was never recovered


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