So I have Saturdays off for the next few weeks

Well there has to be a plus to recovering from surgery and mine is that I shall have weekends free for a couple of months.

Saturdays are usually family time here so the posts like most are prepared in advance.  I like to have my post scheduled at least two days in advance to allow for unforeseen circumstances (puppies eating more of laptop for example) if the need to post in the meantime crops up it is easy to squeeze in extra posts or alter scheduled posts.

I hope as you read this I shall be on day ten of no smoking and in anticipation I am actually bidding on a rather nice item on eBay I have already technically saved enough cash for it by not smoking so far.

There are still a few days left on it and of course as you can see it would need the inkwell bottles buying to match it to finish it off but I have rather fallen in love with it so fingers crossed.

I have set a tentative date for the release of the ghost story collection but that will be for Wednesdays post.

I have also finally accepted defeat as far as my inbox goes and other than a few on going posts or posts whose title really jump out at me I am accepting that I must delete some posts so any dating back to September are being deleted though I hope that catching up on any October ones still waiting will be possible.

So for those who are squeamish look away now this is what my new scar looks like…

someone on fb pointed out it looks like i have had my backside sewn up but this is actually from literally waist height going down the middle of my back
close up of incision

See it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And it did give daughter a reason to treat her mummy to some gorgeous flowers..


I really love the Brassica (cabbage roses)

Hmmm what else have I been up to this week well the inspiration for this weeks Friday photo flash fiction was Poppet at some point I am sure she will have a post of her own but as she is far too important to pose for photo’s I have to snatch them when she allows, I managed to get this one after she had finished examining the flowers (she was not impressed)


14 thoughts on “So I have Saturdays off for the next few weeks

  1. OH, your poor dear! That beautiful desk is perfect for a writer, very classy, and a well deserved prize, especially if you can give up smoking. Best wishes on accounts, Paula! Get well soon!


  2. Those flowers really are beautiful!


  3. Glad it went okay. Hope you can rest up and recover fast.


  4. Looks like the healing has started. Good luck on the bidding because that is a gorgeous piece. I love antiques. I know you enjoyed the flowers. They always make you smile, you just can’t help it. Hope all is well and enjoy those Saturdays. Make the most of it.


  5. I hope you get your desk, after all you deserve it and I think Poppet would enjoy sitting next to you as you write your best seller


  6. Holy smokes! That is one big incision!

    Love the desk. Hope you get it. Very Jane Austin.


  7. Hi Paula,
    I’m just letting you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award
    Check it out at


  8. Is Poppet sitting in a cup of coffee? 😉 She is pretty. Your flowers are beautiful. Your incision is ugly and makes me wince. Love the desk!


  9. Good on ya for 10 days non-smoking! I’m on err… 5 days since last cigarette, man is the house clean…


  10. Fantastic scar, Paula and just as well they missed the tat! Great to have weekends off too. I’ve still not caught up with Udolpho. I shall try my hardest to get up to date with that. I feel like I’m letting everyone down right now… this is not the only project I’m not up to speed with. I MUST CHANGE MY WAYS! Sorry, that last part was a ‘note to self’. 🙂


    1. i really need to get stuck back into it as well so don’t be too hard on yourself 😀


      1. Phew! 😉

        I think if we make it (yes we will!) through the whole thing (finally). We should reward ourselves with a real light read. What do you think? 🙂


  11. Love the desk! Good luck on your bidding. I am following your non-smoking with interest by the way. I quit one time in my 40+ years of smoking, I didn’t want to but my husband harassed me into it. That was 13 years ago, it lasted for nearly 2 months. Then I went to Singapore for 6 weeks without him, everyone smoked everywhere. Gad I missed smoking and it was a terrible time, terribly stressful and I so missed smoking. Ah well, I am betting you can guess what happened.

    I hope you get the desk!


    1. its not looking good on the desk as it is heading beyond what i can really justify spending on it but have started looking at others so am sure i shall get one sooner or later ;D it is hard to resist the bid button but I must be good


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