When Morning Comes

When morning comes they will find me.  I can travel no further, hide no more.  Under the cloak of darkness I try so hard to press on and put distance between them and myself but to no avail.  I know they could track me now, regardless of the night yet they are satiated from their earlier gorging, content to allow me enough space to give the thrill of the chase.
I press my face down into the cool hard ground.  Allowing a few moments to regain my breath before pushing myself onto hands and knees.  The sharp stones dig into my palms and rip at the already torn skin of my shins as I drag the useless damaged limb that hinders my flight behind me.

I freeze in response to a noise behind me,  to distant to be sure but in my heart I know it is a hunter sniffing the air.  Smelling my scent blood mixed with fear.  I debate, not for the first time, ending it now rather than waiting for capture and the horror of death by creature that enjoy playing with their food.

The irony that we, the superior beings, created these mutations in our own greed is not wasted upon me.  We breed them first for looks then another strain to keep down the vermin that swelled upon our dumps as our society grew and with it the inevitable waste.

Again a noise behind me closer this time and from the shadows a dark presence fills my vision.  With feline dexterity it approaches, low to the ground it stalks me.  I cannot move all is lost now.  A solitary claw flicks towards me toying with me trying to tease me into flight, I know should I run it shall pounce upon me escape is impossible.  My mind denies it the pleasure of the chase, resolved to face my fate as the whiskered face moves closer.

9 thoughts on “When Morning Comes

  1. Yummmm….. More please.


    1. I will be honest I nearly didn’t hit publish this one I got the idea, started it then not sure why my brain just froze up on it, maybe the idea is one I will come back to at some point but I have a feeling it would require too much hard work on the research side to make the idea really work


  2. Enjoyed the post. Sounds like you’re getting back to normal. Hope you’re doing better.


    1. getting there slowly physically am restricted but am not taking anywhere near the amount of meds I thought I would need to am just trying to be sensible


      1. Good to hear. Glad you’re getting better. Sometimes the meds make the recovery worse.


  3. Girlllll that made me shiver. Well done!


  4. It was wonderful just the way it is. I don’t think you need to do anything else to it. I’m glad you’re feeling better.


  5. This is excellent. Also thanks for the likes on my posts. 😛


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