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Something New? Maybe?

I have been toying with an idea.  I am not fully decided and you will have to wait to see what appears here next week, to see if I decide to give it a go but give what I a go I hear you ask?

Thursdays as you know are my random musings on life and writing.  Now, as you know, my life is undergoing some major upheavals right now, with the surgery and my determination to stop smoking.  I am fairly happy with the balance I have set up with my blog in general but I am thinking of giving something new a try on Thursdays.

I have noticed a lot of Blogs are trying out Vlog posts and I am considering doing the same.  I am not sure yet whether I would wish to make this a weekly feature or to alternate it with written posts.  I know you have heard my voice already and yet you have managed to remain here without running and hiding under the bed.  You have managed to view pictures of me without being violently ill or committed for your own well-being so I suspect you might survive the odd video post.

I need to give the matter a little extra thought as to length and content, but at the minute I am drawn towards the idea of a Vlog every other week that lasts around 4 – 5 minutes but don’t worry I have no intention of making you sit and look at me for that length of time only a minute at most will be me actually staring at the camera the rest would be me talking over images or sharing clips of my week.

What are your thoughts?  Is it something you have tried or been tempted to? What would you like to see? How long do you think you would want to watch a video clip for if indeed you would watch one at all?

9 thoughts on “Something New? Maybe?

  1. I think it’s a great idea! I’ve been mulling over the same thought but I’m still starting out and trying to establish my blog name – not that there is anything to establish xP Anyways….it would be cool if maybe you would do a vlog about what your currently working on – reviews for example would be great! Like giving us a bit of insight! 😀 I just think this is marvelous and hope to see one of your vlog posts soon!


  2. I haven’t considered this since the minute anyone pulls out a video camera of any type I freeze up completely. But if you don’t get the jitters then I say go for it. I agree that they should be under four minutes if possible.


  3. I’ve attempted 3 vlogs myself, and they’ve been met with moderate success. Um … I’d say keep the videos under 5 minutes, because people are in a hurry and they can rarely sit still for longer than that. That being said, two of my three vlogs are upwards of 8 minutes long, so clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about / I need to learn how to edit.


  4. This is a wonderful idea! I love your voice, I love your haircut, I love your face … I’ve already expressed my love for you like my sister. 🙂 GO VLOG! 🙂 Michelle Proulx’s vlogs were fantastic, and her mother is so cute.
    P.S. – Unless you’re going to vlog torture devices, then I vote no.


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