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Back to the Grindstone

As you all know me so well it will come as no surprise that a week after my op I have already turned on the computer and started back at work even if tentatively.

I want to thank everyone for their support, prayers and warm wishes over the past week and I am positive all the positive energy that has been coming my way has helped my recovery begin so speedily.

I am determined to get back into writing everyday as soon as possible and to that end have actually played around with a great NaNo Tool that Svenja Liv has provided on her website for free.  You can find her http://svenjaliv.com/2012/10/nanowrimo-2012-word-trackers/  She provides amazing spreadsheets for every aspect of NaNo but for me I have adapted the word tracker one for use monthly to keep track of not only what I am doing but how much time and energy I am spending on it.  For example if I post 500 words onto a blog post for a day then I shall take those words into account.  Likewise should I prepare extra posts ahead of time one day I shall recognise that and then look to see how if affects my actual writing, will it mean on days with no posts to write that I write more or does it mean on those days I am lazy.  It is in part a study of my own writing habits to see how I can best utilise my time and energy to gain the best results.

For someone like me who loves lists and being able to keep  track of what is going on this is wonderful and the fact this amazing person is generous to share their work for free makes it so much easier for someone like me who has only just learnt what a spreadsheet is lol.

Apart from two pulls on a cig a couple of days ago I am not doing too badly at stopping smoking I am torn between using the money saved from smoking on here making this my own domain and on actually buying Scrivener although I still have about ten days free to go yet.  I am also tempted to blow some of the money on something really frivolous I just haven’t decided what yet.

Any how back to editing on the Woca Short Story for today.

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