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Virtual Existance

I am writing this post on Tuesday evening, the night before my surgery and it may seem a little morose or even depressing but actually its not I promise.

I am sat writing a post which I may or may not live to see the comments on.  Now don’t get me wrong I fully expect to be reading your comments and actually I have no fears regarding my surgery it has been the rections of some of my nearest and dearest that has sparked the thoughts for this post.

As writers we desire to create a legacy to live beyond us.  We in our warmest dreams have visions of those to come sat years from now engrossed in the words we have written.   Though I know I shall never rank amongst the truly greats, some such as Shakespeare have achieved true immortality with their words.  But my thoughts drifted today to blogging.

We all know the strange search terms which lead people to find our blogs, and I wonder if in a thousand years some student doing research into medievel torture methods will type ‘Chappy Chopper’ into a search engine and end up at my dungeon post?  I know in theory most sites clean up accounts which have not been used for a period of time but does anything truly disappear.   Like wise had a person the time and inclination could they blog for years after their demise through the wonders of scheduling.  Now of course it would not be a very interactive blog lol but would not that fact that the persons words continued to be published daily or weekly be a form of immortality in itself.  It is an interesting question what legacy we leave behind for those to come.  So many of us still keep on using our notebooks to plan or make notes on our writing yet most of us do the actual writing on computer, we write to blogs which in theory will disappear, we use memory stick and software which will one day be obsolete and unreadable.  Many even publish only online, one wonders in the future will thre be a virtual library of every book ever published or will some group deem what is worthy of keeping and hit delete on the rest.  Museums are full of ancient scrolls and documents that we prize yet we do not consider the effects technology may have for those who live two thousand years hence.  Of course we do not know if they would treasure or thoughts or not much as we cannot be sure what our readers think now unless they leave a review or comment but I would love to think that there will be those who still love a good story no matter when it was written or by whom.

My beliefs mean I go into theatre tomorrow (or as you are reading this went in to theatre a few days ago lol) feeling relaxed whatever will be will be, I do believe as I say I shall be reading your comments but should I not then that is what must be.  Will I have left a legacy?  Of course, I have to beautiful children in whom part of me would live on but also I should like to believe that here through this blog I had reached out and made an impression and inspired just one person to try something new or believe in themselves.  We may not all be destined to be remembered by name but we still have the opportunity to be part of the legacy of others aswell as our descendants by reaching out and sharing our hopes, our dreams and fears, but just maybe it would be nice if we put some of it down on paper rather than the screen for those yet to come.

If everything has gone to plan you will be hearing from me very soon if you haven’t already but should it not be I have be blessed to meet you all.

Blessed Be

11 thoughts on “Virtual Existance

  1. Paula, your posts are just the best. I know you are ok now, so that makes reading your ponderances much easier, but I just want to say … I love you. Don’t freak out. I love you like I love my sister. 🙂 And lol at ‘Chappy Chopper.’


    1. Thanks hun I hope to be back to posting daily in a couple of days am feeling really good and recovering a lot quicker than expected infact everyone is already telling me slow down lol


  2. I for one am very pleased to be reading this post-op as I know you are at home and well on the road to recovery. But it’s interesting and understanding to see you writing about this. I’m not sure what kind of legacy – if any – that I will leave behind. A lot of unread books, most likely. But what a great gift! 🙂


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