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Sunday Stress

The changing of the clocks is once more playing havoc with everyones moods.  The extra hour promised sleep failed to materialise and of course come bedtime the monster is over tired and refuses to stay in his bed.  We have had numerous reasons from noise? Germs? All of which of course get him sent back to his bed until the final one a nosebleed requires actual attention.  He returns to ENT this week and I hope they will get to the bottom of the cause.  He never had nosebleeds before having his adanoids removed last year and has had them at least once or twice a week since.

Now you may have a puzzled expression regarding the germs excuse but believe me he actually came out with it and there is one programme to blame.  Get Well Soon is a Cbeebies programme that is one just after we get home from the school run.  It is aimed at helping children feel more comfortable with seeing the doctor but as everything comes down to germs well you know the rest.  Dr Ranj the doctor on the show is an actual doctor he created the programme so I hold him personally responsible.

Sadly youtube don’t seem to have any clips from the show but for those who can get BBCi player and won’t to see more here you go http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/cbeebies/episode/b01n85lg/Get_Well_Soon_The_Sniffly_Nose/ then you can see why my son will be most disappointed on his next doctors appointment as I doubt our family doc will burst into song and dance.

I have had the edit notes back for my short story for the WOCA Anthology they are no where near as scary as I though they would be.  The main thing as is so often the case with me is punctuation.  I really must remember people need to breathe as they read lol.

I have been watching a few of my old DVDs this week and have done a few reviews to keep you occupied during my absence but don’t worry there are a few normal posts in the mix aswell including one on Friday which I will be very nervous about seeing your responses to once I am back.

Have a great week to come, and try not to miss me too much lol and I hope to be back fighting fit or at least back in a little over a week but am scheduling posts up to the 8th just incase.

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