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I Have Joined the Rejection Club lol

Well there has to be a first for everything and today I recieved my first rejection for the novel from Legend Press.  To be honest I was prepared and expecting it and am actually a little pleased.  I realised that in rushing to make the deadline I was not entirely happy with it and now at least I have the freedom to go back and rework it before if starts its flight out into the big bad world of traditional publishing again.  I have also realised that the option of self -publishing also means that rejections are not as disheartening as they once would have been, once it is ready if no agent or publisher shares my passsion for it that does not mean it will never see the light of day only that I will have to work harder to make sure it reaches those who will love my world as much as my friends have.  Like so much in life it is merely a matter of faith anf belief.

18 thoughts on “I Have Joined the Rejection Club lol

  1. Hey I’m president of that club! 🙂 I get rejected every day haha It doesnt’ mean it’s not good it just means it’s not good for THEM. It will be for someone as long as you plug away.

    When I get rejections I feel like I’m doing the pain in the ass work i.e. manuscripts, submitting so I get a certain good feeling from it. Good luck!


      1. I have four or five out there who haven’t responded (rejected me) yet. And I need to get my ass in gear and get manuscripts together and sent off. I’m procrastinating, but the more I write new stuff, the harder to choose what to submit and my personal system is a bit haywire now since I got a new laptop (I organized best I can but now need an assistant!) 🙂

        If they don’t kick themselves, I will! hah


  2. A friend of mine copy/pasted his entire Livejournal about his mishaps and his ridiculously silly but loveable Rottweiller and self-published with Lulu. I think you can still find it if you do a Google search – How I Broke Bath And Other Stories by The Hunter.

    I’ve always believed that rejection letters only serve to make you strive to become a better writer – or at least, it does if you’re totally serious about it 🙂


    1. Of course it would have been nice but as I say in hindsight am not sure it was actually ready to be sent out and now a more sure of it hopefully by the tie it goes out again it will be ready fully 😀


  3. It’s not just the number of rejections that counts – no rejections could mean no attempts! You have to consider rejections in context – how do they weigh against the acceptances? What can you learn from them – in practical terms I mean, not just the philosophy of taking it on the chin. have gained some knowledge about what to send to which editor, for instance.
    By your own admission you’ve learned something along the lines of more haste, less speed.
    Self publishing is clearly an option – maybe a better one now there are all the options available. But it’s not the answer to everything. I’m still struggling to learn my lessons.


  4. I’ve been there.My skin wasn’t that thick so I stopped sending out Queries and started writing a new story. I think I should start querying again though. If it makes you feel any better… all 13 queries I sent were rejected.


  5. Never give up, there are so many writers who send their work everyday, so be patient and keep up the good work, eventually you’ll be spotted… because the are always looking.


  6. I love you perseverance and your positive attitude! 😀 It’s truly inspiring! Is there anyway to read like a snippet of what your working on? I’d love to help out and get the word out! Aspiring authors have to stick together!! 😀


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