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No Udolpho Today

MsKatykins and I are both a little behind with our Udolpho reading but I hope over the next couple of weeks we will catch up and normal service will be resumed.

So today I am going to talk ghosts.  As I have mentioned once or twice last year I went on my first ghost hunt to Bolling Hall in Bradford in the UK  I had hoped to go only a couple more this year but sadly my health issues made this impossible, I hope next year after recovery from my surgery I shall be able to participate in a couple at least.

As Halloween or as we pagans call it Samhain approaches the veil between worlds thins allowing those in spirit to draw closer to the living world.  Most Halloween practises are descended from ancient beliefs to keep the spirit world at bay and stop those who would come back to do harm at bay.  But it should also be a comforting time when those beloved ones who have departed this world can draw closer to their loved ones they left behind.  It is a strange day to be having surgery on theoretically one could worry about how much easier it would be to pass beyond the veil but for me it is comforting to know that those who have loved and cherished me will be able to watch over me and see me safely through my operation.  I would love to be able to not only see them but to remember the experience but I doubt that will be the case.

My 2010 pumpkin

I look at spirits or ghosts just like living people some will be lovely and others you would rather not meet but I do not believe they can do you any real harm though a few might try.  I know a lot of people do not believe my other half being one though he experienced things at the ghost hunt he could not explain despite trying to find rational answers for.  Sometimes faith or belief only comes through personal experience so when you light your lanterns to keep the spirits at bay ask yourself would it really be so bad if they if they came to visit.  I shall miss the trick or treaters this year but I might just carve a pumpkin still but rather than keeping them at bay I look at mine as a beacon to guide loved ones home.

My 2011 Pumpkin


9 thoughts on “No Udolpho Today

  1. Latin America believes that the spirits of their loved one returns on November 1. Most people spend a long time at the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried to spend time with them when they return.
    It is not scary like Halloween is here.
    I wonder if the unconscious state you will be in would allow you to see your loved ones?


  2. I really like your take on spirits. I never really thought of it that way. That some are like people. Some will be lovely while others will be bent on terror and revenge. Really awesome post! 🙂


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