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My Dream Library

I am sure I have done a post on this before but I cannot find it and lets face it we all love a good library. Whatever our dreams are the reality is for most of us the most we can hope for is a home office, somewhere practical to work undisturbed like this..

Reality check

When I close my eyes and dream about my perfect room it looks more like this..

Of course I wouldn’t need all those sofa’s as no one else would be allowed in

or this…



I love the dark wood and the huge fireplace

Maybe this one..

A little too light in colour to be my idea of perfection

or this…

the ceilings here are amazing aswell as all that lovely dark wood

But aswell as floor to ceiling bookshelves, and a huge fireplace and a couple of strategically placed comfy chairs and sofas there is one other very important element in my dream library…

a huge desk is essential

Now I quite like this one but doubt it will be up for sale at any point in my lifetime lol…

I wonder if there is a big red button hidden under it?

But more realistically I would ideally love something like this..

How brilliant is this!

I love this one aswell and love the matching chair..


Just about perfect

Of course we need the perfect house in which to have our perfect library and I recently realised that Disney have actually designed mine for me…

My dream home

I don’t know what it says about me that a haunted mansion would be my dream home would even be quite happy with the graveyard in the back garden as long as there was still room for the stables.

Just incase any of you don’t have children and therefore may have missed the film or a trip to disney world for the ride (I would go but it would depress me too much having to leave lol) here is the trailer and the house I would love to own…








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