Voices Across The Void

Do you like it?

That is the name I finally settled on for the ghost story collection.  I have an amazing cover thanks to the wonderful MS Fowle via her new Melchelle Designs site and am working away on the stories themselves I have them all outlined and drafts finished on a few the others need some more filling out before editing begins.

I would have loved to be looking at Halloween as a release date but surgery has put paid to that but I still hold hopes of it all being ready in time to order copies from Createspace for family christmas presents.

Research has been not really been carried out much on this project, in some cases it has given me an excuse to lounge around watching my favourite ghost hunting programmes and most of the other research has been around looking at historical costumes for certain periods.  I was thinking about my comments regarding The Woman in Black about being scared and realise that the stories I have written for this volume at least are not really scary at all, some are heartwarming, some are funny and some are thought-provoking (or at least I hope they are) but none are really out-and-out scary. I do think this is something I need to change and have at least one really chilling story in there.  I do not really want to wander into the realms of horror with these stories but would love to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up once or twice. I have an idea of which story will be changed to do this and luckily it is one of the ones I had felt still needed work.

I also have one other story I am not sure about including as it got a little racy in one part I do not want to have to add an adult content tag so it will either have to be hosed down until it cools a little or removed and saved for a different occasion i am not sure about the direction I will go yet.

I will be taking my note-book into hospital with me so I can work on the stories there, my laptop is literally falling to bits and as my scrivener is not on my other halves netbook actually getting writing done will be out of the question even if I feel up to it.  I am hoping in my drug fuelled state I may get inspiration for some more stories for the next volume which seems like I am getting a little ahead of myself but it is also the way my mind works.

16 thoughts on “Voices Across The Void

  1. I think ghost stories can go a lot of directions beyond just simple scares. I like the spooky-creepy but not always straight-out terror kind myself.


  2. Love the title 🙂

    I’ve tagged you for next weeks round of The Next Big Thing 🙂 But, what with the Op looming please don’t feel obligated to take part ok. Was silly really for me to nominate you, I should have thought DOH! 😦

    Well, if you do decide you’d like to ……




    1. of course i will take part i will do the post and schedule it for next wednesday incase I am busy it will just mean I might not be able to check up on those I pass it on to you might have to do that bit for me lol


  3. I love the title, it sounds like a good collection, besides, you don’t work yourself through the healing period unless you have something really good to offer.


  4. If this collection is indeed not truly scary horror…this title works wonderfully. It has just the right suggestion of another plane. I love the idea of heartwarming and funny collection. Are you getting your mind ready to quit smoking too? Try to be ready in your head…I’m sure you already know that. I’m pulling for you…in all ways.


  5. Thumbs up on the title!!


  6. Ohhh that title gives me chills 🙂 awesome


  7. Love. Love. LOVE the title! 🙂 It has a spooky and intriguing ring to it! 😀


  8. Hello I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger award. Follow the link to pick up your award. Thanks!


    1. Thankyou I will accept it but due to my op may not be for a little while 😀


      1. Well you deserve it. Hope all is well. Smile and know you are a beautiful blogger.


  9. Like that title. You take care of yourself.


  10. Sounds awesome! Things are really coming together, aren’t they. Keep it up!


  11. I like the title–it is different, and intriguing.


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