Terrible Tuesday

Well today it is dark, grey and very wet here in Huddersfield.  I just got a soaking heading to the post office so I am curled up on the bed watching the worst Amityville based film I think I have ever watched. Just incase you see it in the store and are tempted like I was it is this one…

It is so bad it will not even be getting a review I am about half an hour in and actually hoping this annoying family get killed very soon.  Infact if I wasn’t so comfy I would get up and change the DVD over.

I am working to schedule posts for the week I will be in hospital, it would be so easy to cheat and schedule a week of reblogs or youtube clips but so far am doing okay at filling the posts.

I know some of you will have been expecting a Udolpho post today but the reality is both MsKatykins and I are having hectic real lives at the minute soooo If MsKatykins agrees I think that our reviews my take a break until after my surgery.

Okay I really need to change this film it is doing my head in think of a mix between the Blair Witch style of filming and a b-horror movie and you just about have it throw in annoying characters and you are there.

Hope your tuesday goes better than mine started.

5 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday

  1. Here you are going to the hospital for surgery and still worried about your blog… I admire your dedication! Best of luck to you!


  2. Take a break, Paula. Put your FAVORITE movie in, have a hot toddy, and chillax. This is a directive from Lord Lollygag.


  3. Hi Paula…not sure what you’re going in for, but all the best and Godspeed…


    1. I am having a spinal fusion hoping to be up and back fairly quickly but preparing posts just incase the meds interfere with my ability to think lol


      1. Hell, give it a shot…might make for some entertaining stuff….mad good fortune to you. Let me know how you’re doing…


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