DVD Review – The Woman in Black

Because of my back issues I can’t really go to the cinema to watch films and I was gutted not to go see this one and patiently awaited its DVD release.

Now I will be honest when I finally put it into the Dvd player I had mixed feelings, I had read all the great reviews but the certification at age 12 suggests thhis wasn’t going to be that scary.

Sadly I was left disappointed, Radcliffe puts in a creditable performance as Arthur Kipps, a young widower sent to sell some real estate with its own dark hidden past. Infact to be fair the whole cast perform well its just that it wasn’t scary.

I really wanted to love this but I didn’t I liked it and it was a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours it just failed to make me jump.  Sadly the ending is also blatently set up for a sequel which leaves the feeling that this was far more about making money than adapting a great book and play.  I do want to read the book now there was enough potential in the film for me to see what a good book it should be and a friend of mine that has seen the play on the stage in the West End raved about the stage version.

This has left me wondering if the people making the film held back on the scare factor in order to get the lower rating, I would hate to think that was the case but with the casting of Radcliffe who of course recently concluded his role as Harry Potter the film would naturally attract his fans from that series.

Rating 3.5 stars out of 5 which is a shame as I believe it could have been so much better.

15 thoughts on “DVD Review – The Woman in Black

  1. I really liked it, but, I agree, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. However, hubby had a pillow he could put in front of his face throughout, which he did use a couple of times….and I seem to remember he jumped a few times too lol



    1. I liked it i wanted to love it though! what did you think to the end?


      1. Vikki (The View Outside) October 16, 2012 — 10:39 am

        Well, I’ve read the book, and seen the stage play (which was actually scarier lol) so I was a bit disappointed lol.

        Have you read the book Paula?



      2. I haven’t read it yet but after the comments here I intend to xxx


      3. Vikki (The View Outside) October 16, 2012 — 10:47 am

        Oh do, it’s much better! 🙂

        I’m a huge fan of Susan Hill.



  2. I love the book, which is truly terrifying and has an unexpected and horrific twist at the end. It’s for this reason alone that I don’t want to watch the film, as I’d be nit-picking my way through it all 😉

    I have to say that Daniel Radcliffe has become rather gorgeous now that he’s all grown up though…


    1. I really want to read the book at least having watched the film first I didn’t have anything to compare it to


      1. The book is about a million times better – really scary. I haven’t seen the film myself, but people who have read the book first advised me to do the same.

        Another favourite of mine is The Haunting Of Hill House.


  3. I saw the movie and it did nothing for me – I totally agree with you 🙂 I didn’t like the ending, it was a bit like a soap opera. I see from the comments that the book was much better (which I guess is usually the case) so I might give it a go 😀


  4. I felt the same way!! I left the theater feeling unsatisfied :/ the ending was so random as well..


  5. Totally agree, I left the cinema thinking ‘it wasn’t bad’. Didn’t like the ending and I also struggled with Daniel Radcliffe as the lead – he still seemed a bit too young to me.


  6. I liked it, and I thought Daniel Radcliffe did a good job (my wife still can’t see him as anything but Harry Potter though). How do you think they would make a sequel of this? He died at the end, right?


    1. Yeah but the ghost is still at the house and it is still waiting to be sold so would be easy either another estate agent comes or some one buys it and moves in and gets haunted, I did agree with Dory that he looked young in the part though he did a good job of the acting will be interesting to see what he takes on next


      1. I could see that, if they just did it all again with another agent. I haven’t read the book; is anything resolved there? I thought the ending was okay, although it didn’t resolve anything.


      2. i havent read the book yet but quite a few people have said how good it is so i will be adding it to my TBR pile


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