A Round Up Of Sorts

I have decided new improved weekly round ups will begin after my surgery so for today will just talk about the past week.

It really has been a little bit of a rollercoaster, my impending surgery has led to a rush of sorting and organising.  After all other halves, children and animals cannot be left simply to their own devices just because I am being cut open, hope fully most of it is now sorted, barring last-minute cancellations.

Speaking of cancellations my attendance of the DD fanfest has been a casualty, as it is just after the surgery I decided the tickets should be passed on to someone who can actually make it, if it is a success they are more likely to hold another I can attend next year.

I have a nice list of things still to do before I go in including a few posts for while I am laid up, am hoping to persuade other half to let me take his netbook into hospital so if I can shall try to catch up on reading some posts then.  Although I still intend to write the trilogy I have already begun I am being drawn towards writing ghost/horror.  It is something I read growing up but never really thought about writing but as I work on the Ghost Story collection more ideas are coming to me constantly some as ghost stories but some with a much darker outlook.  I wrote my first flash more along horror lines this week which a lot of people seemed to really enjoy so maybe this is an avenue once life settles down again I can consider a little more.

Right time to go stuff the chicken and get it in the oven have a lovely sunday everyone


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