A Round Up Of Sorts

I have decided new improved weekly round ups will begin after my surgery so for today will just talk about the past week.

It really has been a little bit of a rollercoaster, my impending surgery has led to a rush of sorting and organising.  After all other halves, children and animals cannot be left simply to their own devices just because I am being cut open, hope fully most of it is now sorted, barring last-minute cancellations.

Speaking of cancellations my attendance of the DD fanfest has been a casualty, as it is just after the surgery I decided the tickets should be passed on to someone who can actually make it, if it is a success they are more likely to hold another I can attend next year.

I have a nice list of things still to do before I go in including a few posts for while I am laid up, am hoping to persuade other half to let me take his netbook into hospital so if I can shall try to catch up on reading some posts then.  Although I still intend to write the trilogy I have already begun I am being drawn towards writing ghost/horror.  It is something I read growing up but never really thought about writing but as I work on the Ghost Story collection more ideas are coming to me constantly some as ghost stories but some with a much darker outlook.  I wrote my first flash more along horror lines this week which a lot of people seemed to really enjoy so maybe this is an avenue once life settles down again I can consider a little more.

Right time to go stuff the chicken and get it in the oven have a lovely sunday everyone

9 thoughts on “A Round Up Of Sorts

  1. the surgery that you are about to have,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i hope all goes well, and you are back in the swing of things very soon!!!!


    1. I am very nervous but excited at the same time once my back is fixed I can start living again I hope 😀


      1. i really hope so for you and a better life Paula!


  2. My best and most positive thoughts, Paula.


  3. oh, wishing you the best, Paula!


  4. Good luck Paula 🙂




  5. Prayers out to you. Get better and recover soon. keep those post a coming!


  6. Sending hugs your way. I hope everything goes well. 🙂


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