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So its Saturday….

And I am at work.  Later on I shall be indulging in one of the few pleasures of Saturday night tv yes I shall be watching Strictly come dancing.  I went to a few salsa lessons a few years ago and let me tell you it is hard work actually such hard work the friend I went with decided she didn’t want to keep it up.  I have a date for my op I shall be going in for surgery 31st October, yes on halloween I shall be ending up like frankensteins monster for real or should I say my back will.  Maybe after the surgery and recovery I can find a salsa class as part of my getting fit again but I doubt I will be able to wriggle aswell due to the scaffolding I shall leave you with a couple of clips from Strictly to get you in the weekend spirit.

Have a great weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “So its Saturday….

  1. Enjoy your Saturday pleasure Paula…and do you think you’ll set off metal detector alarms after your surgery? Will you have to carry around a doctor’s note? 😉 random mewsings on a saturday.


  2. Good luck with your surgery Paula. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Salsa dancing is fun but what I want to learn is the Paso Doble. Talk about a sexy dance. Holy hell!


    1. I love the sparkly costumes and the dancing last nights was really good waiting till tonight to see who goes home after the dreaded dance off


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