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Despite the fact I have good intentions for the ghost story collection I have stalled on writing it.  The last few days I have done some soul-searching as to the reason and I think I know why now.

I originally intended it to consist of ten stories but the idea for different stories kept coming to me then the other week I posted a flash fiction based on one of the ideas I had dismissed which everyone seemed to love and think should be made into something more.  While praise is of course wonderful it made me question the stories I had chosen to put in and those consigned to the sidelines.

The solution now seems to me to cut back the number of stories to the original ten and save the rest for a second volume.  Since I reached a decision on this the task has become far less daunting though I still am hovering over one or two stories and whether they should be included in this first collection.  I do now at least feel I can get back to work on it without having to ignore new ideas that spring up.

To get my mind back in the right frame of mind I have been watching a few ghost films and programmes I thought I would share a couple of clips from what I have been watching.

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12 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. I think that stalling/reflecting is an important part of the writing process. We can’t always be writing… I hope this has helped you to plan your next steps with renewed confidence. 🙂

    Wow, is that Yvette Fielding? She’s changed a lot since her ‘Blue Peter’ days… 🙂


  2. I love ghost stories and horror movies and the like. Hope your collection goes well. Perhaps you should solicit the help of a ghost to sort out your conundrum of too many potential pieces to include… sounds like nice problem to have.


  3. Deciding what to cut is such a difficult part of being a writer. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much we love a piece. If it doesn’t end up in one collection it will have its day in another. 🙂


  4. That video made me laugh so much! I live in that area. Waddow Hall is a PGL center where you can do activities like climbing trees and stuff and Pendle Hill is not ominous at all; I find it quite comforting! Don’t worry about stalling, when you feel like writing that’s when you will write best. Gertie xxx


    1. No don’t say that i am hoping to go ghost hunting at pendle hill next sept (maybe you can jump out from behind a tree and scare my other half?)


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