Today I am cranky!  There are no more fitting words to describe my mood.  My cold which knocked me out last week still lurks doing just enough to be annoying without me actually being ill.  My little boy has decided 6 am is the perfect time to use mummy’s bed as a trampoline.  The puppy thinks he is a cat and that he should be allowed to lay on the windowsill despite the fact each time he does it he pulls the curtain rail down.  And to top it all off I had to have blood taken for some tests today.  I am not a wimp honest but my pathetic veins ensure this process is always stressful and quite often painful.  Right now the monster and I along with the two dogs are piled on my bed watching Alice in Wonderland.

I can’t help wondering what I would find down my rabbit hole should I choose to fall into it.  I certainly today can’t see it being full of fluffy white rabbits, even on a good day I have a fear of them.  My sister had one trained to attack me I jest not, my left hand still bears the scar of trying to feed the brute when she went on holiday once thirty years ago.  I have a feeling there would be dogs, but they would probably ignore what I say aswell.

I would like to think there would be wolves, not those of Disney myth big and bad but fiercely loyal pack animals, and of course as its my rabbit hole they would accept me completely.  I think most of the beasts down my rabbit hole would be mythical, a world of unicorns, griffins and of course dragons.  It would be a land of woodland glades, meadows and abandoned castles. Though today there would be dark clouds and thunderstorms in my rabbit hole most days would be sun filled, and I would lay basking in the grass as the sun beat down upon me.

Now the question is what lurks down your rabbit hole?


10 thoughts on “Cranky

  1. You already know what I found down my rabbit hole…you were there wearing your crown. Hope the day ends better than it started my cranky queen. Here’s a smile for ya… 🙂
    Better days tomorrow.


  2. A turtle lurks in mine! 🙂


  3. Ducked down the rabbit hole quite voluntarily. Didn’t fall. Wasn’t pushed. What I found I’ll never tell, but the short of it is that nothing had changed. I was still me. Took me years to climb out.

    Smile. 😀


  4. You put the cranky pants on today. I do that sometimes. There are just books in my rabbit hole. Just books.


  5. Hope you’re feeling a bit less cranky today Paula 🙂



  6. I used to love dreaming of falling down the rabbit hole… I think there would be a whole host of weirdness, but one thing I’d likely retain is a crazy tea party! 😉

    I hope today is a better day for you, Paula! 🙂


  7. We all have our rabbit holes. Mine is emersing in other worlds, sometimes its relaxing; sometimes exciting. But sometimes it scares me. I gotta stop reading those horrors, bit they’re addictive.


    1. I rarely read horror now though i read lots as a teenager but then i grew u and learnt the real world was a lot more scary lol 😀


      1. It helps to hide behind the horror novels instead of watching the news.


  8. Don’t remind me! My sister had vicious white rabbit, too.


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