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So It’s Sunday and….My New Hairdo!!!!!!!

The weekend started badly.  Friday I received a call telling me my trip had been cancelled ao headed out to hand the monster over to his sister in a bit of  a foul mood.  I came back only to discover due to unforseen circumstances the hair cut had to be delayed twenty for hours but sometimes fate has twists in store for you that are in your own interests.

Saturday morning I got up to sunshine and was at first even more disappointed my trip had been cancelled I debated going off somewhere else for the day but knew time wise it would be a push so I decided to do something else I love doing but rarely get chance to and headed off to the second-hand market.

Here are the two star buys for the day..

A lovely wooden double inkwell with blotter for a grand total of five pounds, the glass inserts are missing and it needs a little TLC but with a little creative thinking it is ready for use already…

I also treated myself to a couple of new dipper pens that look very pretty sat in the pen dip at the front.

Next was another star find..

This little wooden look box is hand painted and only cost two pounds but it is the perfect size for these…

How cool is that? My inks fit into it perfectly as if it were made for the purpose.

After retail therapy was a little peckish so time for a spot of lunch and a coffee.

These pics aren’t brilliant as I took them on my phone and when my food came was far too ravenous to take a pic before diving in, but it was so relaxing to sit and eat in such lovely surroundings which were completed by the pianist at the grand piano playing classical music as we ate.

Then it was home for a couple of hours before setting off for the big chop!

Now let me say these are rare pics not only am I in front of the camera but I also am baring myself to you without make up.  Anyone easily frightened should look away now.

The pics are courtesy of my hairdressers hubby who is the photographer in their company Box Of Frogs and copyrighted to him.

So here we have before…

Then came the point of no return…

And the final result…

So there we go all that is left to do is send the hair off which I will post pics of once it is ready for the post, if you wish to see more pics from the cut please visit my fb page or Nikki my hairdresser page here

26 thoughts on “So It’s Sunday and….My New Hairdo!!!!!!!

  1. So glad you spent such a wonderful day finding your treasures and treating yourself. Paula, the haircut is lovely and you look fantastic! Short hair suits you VERY well! Such a star is our Queen of Hearts.


  2. That wooden box is adorable – I could store my essential oils and possibly some other witchy things in it!

    You look positively amazing with that haircut, it really suits you. I tried to go that short once (Abby Maitland from Primeval kind of short) but I have completely the wrong shape of jaw and ended up looking far more like Gordon Ramsay :/

    Let me know how easy that style is to care for please; my hair is due a cut in a couple of weeks (long overdue actually!) and the most creative I seem to ever get is blow-drying it upside down!


  3. Love your purchases and your tea time. What a nice way to spend time before the big chop. And I knew it would suit you! It’s funky, stylish, and may I even say glamorous. Love it!!


  4. My goodness, your hair looks wonderful Paula! You’re so brave. I don’t think I’d ever be confident enough to chop it off.

    How does it feel? As good as it looks?


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