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More Awards While I am Out For the Day

So it’s saturday and I am not here, as you read this I am tramping round Tatton Park probably spending way too much money at the craft fair and in the gift shop pretending they are christmas presents until I figure out a way to keep all the treasures I have found lol.

Now I still have a ridiculous amount of emails in my inbox full of your posts but am resisting the urge to hit delete I will catch up on all at some point but for today I am going to accept a few awards sitting there that I know about, if you sent me one and I have missed it I will get to it eventually.

I am also going to cheat today and not name nominees basically for today if you have not had one of the awards then please accept it from me as it is clearly an oversight which needs to be corrected, the problem is you are all so wonderful everyone assumes you already have been given it.

So first up in no particular order……

The wonderful Rheath has nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award

What can I say about Rheath other than if you don’t already follow her blog Rendezvous With Renee then click here read her seven things and I guarantee you will hit the follow button.

Next up is the Booker Award from the talented Joanne Phillips (I must thank Vikki here as it was her that led to me finding Joanne’s blog)

You can check out Joanne’s top five books here while you are there also check out her later post she has an exciting short story collection coming out I think my TBR is going to get a little bigger again lol.  Now I have actually had this before you can see my original answers here for anyone picking this the rules are…

1) Thank and link back the blog who nominated you.

2) List five favorite books

3) List five fabulous moments

4) List five things you love

5) List five things you dislike

6) Nominate five people and let them know

So as I have done the answers and once was hard enough I will give you my top Five series of books I hope that will do for you

1] The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

2] The Necroscope Series by Brian Lumley

3] The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J RR Tolkien

4] The Narnia Chronicles by C.  S. Lewis

5] The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling


Okay on we go to the next…

This is a new one for me and comes from the amazing Emily Guido you can check out her blog here let me say this girl is going to be famous and I can’t wait to see her Light Bearer series in the bookshops

Last one for today…

From the lovely Mimijk over at Waiting For The Karma Truck, what can I say I have met so many wonderful, talented, strong women in the blogosphere whose work and personalities have blown me away and I am humbled so many of you think me worthy of coming back to visit over again and I thank each and every one of you.

9 thoughts on “More Awards While I am Out For the Day

    1. My trip got cancelled but have had a fantastic morning rooting around the second hand market then somewhere special for lunch will post pics of my finds and the full story tomorrow along with pics of the new hair do 😀 I am a very happy bunny


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