Monday Musings – My Harshest Critic

Okay so I am sat here at the computer at my lovely new workspace trying to write but getting distracted.  What by you may ask, the internet? All your amazing posts still waiting to be read? Maybe the hamster throwing himself against his cage? Nope none of these things…its the snoring!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now please excuse the mess but I did make the bed this morning honest

As you can see Boris (the old man) likes to get his head on the pillows and it is from him the snoring was coming.  The noise he makes you would think there were a dozen men in the bed.  I am not allowed to go anywhere in the house without the pair of them at my heels.

So after an hour of the noise I ask him to please shut up! And up off the bed they get and plonk themselves down next to me.

Patch is busy giving me the look that says take me out again but they have been out and as it is raining Boris isn’t too keen on being dragged out in it again just yet, so I start reading aloud the last bit of the story I am working on to myself, then the drama starts

Boris throws himself on his back and tries to block his ears rather than listen to my story

Before finally hiding his head in shame at what he has listened to.

I take the hint and shut up and they get back on the bed and Boris goes back to snoring, talk about a tough audience!!!!!!!!!


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