Quiet Spell

Okay guys  you know how much I love you all, but I will be getting further behind on your posts over the next few weeks but it is in a good cause.
As I have mentioned last year I turned 40 and made some changes in my life I also started on some personal quests, the novel you are all aware of but the other I have been meaning to mention but unsure if it really belonged here but sadly matters have been pushed back to the fore by recent developments and now I really hope you will help if you can.

Let me introduce you to Charlie

This is the picture of Charlie I want you to hold in your mind as we speak he is my friends great-nephew, last year he battled cancer and we thought he had won.  He went home and all was well for the first time in his short life he could run and play like any other child but cancer is and does not cruel give up its victims so easily, this is the other side of Charlies life once more,

Any and all prayers are welcome, but this is now where I explain why I shall be concentrating on my writing.  Last year in a joke with my hairdresser about how quickly my hair grows we decided to do a charity chop I would grow it for a year hopefully get a few sponsors to raise money for a children’s cancer charity and send the hair away to be made into wigs for cancer suffers.  I had plodded away at growing the hair intending to post the link to raise money this month on fb rather than here on my blog but this morning I received news which has changed it all. The chemo has failed and Charlies only hope is treatment abroad which of course requires funds.  While his mum and dad plan various events I am changing my fundraising page to split the proceeds and as soon as I have that sorted I shall provide the link incase anyone is in a position to add even a dollar or two as every bit will help.

But the other thing I shall be doing is getting the short story collection done and working out a way to ensure 50% of anything I may make on it also goes towards helping Charlie get the treatment he needs, obviously the sooner this happens the better while he is stronger his chances are so much better, I shall continue posting and reading when I can but I need to do this.  Please visit his fb page and give him a like if nothing else, the support his family have received has been great but they are such wonderful people they have set up a charity, not only for their own son but to help all other children in the same position you can find their page here Save Baby Charlie Beard-Harris

Thankyou in advance for his extra likes and I shall keep you all posted on his progress


16 comments on “Quiet Spell

  1. Oh, Paula. What devastating news! Is there a way that I could donate here in the UK?

    Cancer is so evil. My mother had such a full and active life before the breast cancer, and now she doesn’t dare do anything in case it encourages it to come back.

    Thinking of your friend and that sweet little boy x


    • I only said dollars as maost of my blog followers are in the US I will be posting my just giving page once I get it sorted and changed to include their charity at the minute it is telling me they cant find it so waiting to hear back from them


      • That’s a relief – Just Giving works out the currency conversion automatically if I remember rightly. Being disabled I don’t have a lot to spare myself, but I give when I can and this is one such case where I can’t NOT xx


      • thankyou hun will let you know as soon as I have it sorted have messaged and tweeted fiona charlies mum so hopefully shuld have a reply soon as soon as she gets chance he is a fighter as you can see from his fb pics


      • He is absolutely precious. When you say “abroad”, where is it they need to send him? I know that some countries have acces to wonderful treatments that aren’t available elsewhere.


  2. I just don’t ‘get’ life sometimes. I know someone who’s experiencing a similar situation with his very young daughter and it is so devastating. I can’t begin to imaging what it feels like. Will they be setting up a fund raising page for Charlie or will you do that because I would like to contribute something.

    Remember to take some time for yourself as well, Paula. 🙂 Take care.x


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