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Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It!

I came across this post via Vikki, Joanne Phillips has laid down a challenge to write an Author Mission Statement you can read hers here.

As I am working on my author bio I thought this would be an interesting challenge,so here goes…

To open the pages of a book is to journey to another land, to walk in another’s shoes and share their world. For as long as I can remember I lost myself in others pages and gradually I found that though sometimes I remained in the land they created many times my mind took a diversion and the road led me to places of my own.  Now I share my travels through the flight of imagination hoping others will walk with me for a little while and that maybe some will be inspired to begin journeys of their own.

What do you think, what would your mission be?

16 thoughts on “Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It!

      1. There’s definitely value in getting that down on paper (or screen). Not sure what I’d say if someone asked why I write. Maybe something like, “I can’t help it.”


  1. Hi Paula,
    I love your mission statement – it seems to do exactly the right thing, and that is express what writing means to you, personally. If it motivates you, it’s perfect 🙂
    (And thanks for the mention) x


  2. I really like the idea of keeping the end goal of your writing at the forefront. Your goal of getting a reader out of their own place for a time is admirable, and one I think most of us share. Good job, Paula.


  3. A bit of a segue here, but what started me writing was the fact that although I enjoyed the books I was reading, I always thought I could take the characters and the stories somewhere a bit further…


  4. To tell stories and hopefully cause others to scratch their heads and think. Whether the stories are true, from my life or current events to cause others to see life from a perspective they might not have done before.


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