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Weekly Round Up #13

I skipped doing a round-up last week and again have still not hit the targets I set but have decided to ignore them and start a fresh now the monster will start full-time school this week and hopefully I will be able to settle into my new routine and resume my blogging schedule.  I have a couple of posts here in drafts related to awards I have received and other posts of interest that have inspired me so hopefully this week I will be back on track.

So here goes the new tasks for this week are

1) Catch up on reading at least twenty posts a day, I know that doesn’t seem much but given I follow over a hundred blogs some of whom post numerous times per day just keeping up with new posts is hard work let alone catching up with the back log.  At date I have 880 emails waiting to be read so at twenty extra a day I should have that down to 740 by this time next week.

2) Resume my blogging schedule I have the idea’s but have been let down by finding time to write them so the plan is to have designated blogging time where once that day’s post is done i can begin preparing others in advance.

3) Read Uldopho ready for Tuesday post this will be started this afternoon and I can’t wait I only hope that none of my worries I spoke about here come back to bite me in the ass.

4) 3k word on ghost stories If I am serious about doing this as a christmas gift I need to get a move on

5) Sort out one box file of college/uni research and be ruthless about what I actually need to keep

Speaking of sorting out I found a couple more things in sketch books to share now you will understand why I don’t paint

slightly smudged plant study in pencil and charcoal I did do a proper drawing after this but I can’t find that
I did this following instructions from a book on how to paint with watercolours but as you can see it never got finished I was far too impatient
Picture i decided to try recreating
my picture and source pic side by side
Like impressionist paintings my pics look better the further away you stand





That’s the plan for this week what are your plans?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #13

  1. Go you, Paula! I love your round-ups – you always sound so busy! I am going to get stuck into my writing today! I am also going to mention our challenge (FINALLY) in my own blog. Sorry, I need to get my backside into gear!

    Beautiful paintings, by the way! 🙂


    1. i really don’t like the paintings I can never do them good enough to satisfy myself and lack the inclination to do the practise required 😀 must change dates on Udolpho masterpost aswell lol


  2. I especially like the pencil and charcoal, but that has always been a preference of mine.

    Your round up goals sound aggressive. I set goals for myself and then feel terrible when I don’t make them. So now I just quietly go about trying to catch up! Good luck.


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