My Desk Mate

You have met most of my family both those with two and four legs well one you haven’t been introduced to so far is Eric.  I inherited him when my daughter moved out and he now shares my new workspace.  Gradually he is becoming a little more curious about what I am doing and comes out to watch.

11 thoughts on “My Desk Mate

  1. Cute fellow.


  2. Somebody to bounce your ideas off. Do you two work well together?


    1. If he’s anything like my cat, Feral, he’d hit the space bar in the middle of words… Constantly… Until you paid him off with a treat or a belly rub.


      1. he is staying caged the little bugger is far too quick for me if he is good I might buy him a new wheel


  3. So cute! And not so demanding as the dogs.


  4. You know I noticed his cage in that previous picture, thank you for the introduction! Very cute plus I love his name! 🙂


  5. Aw cute. I have a Chinese dwarf hamster called Bella 🙂


  6. Jeremy Nathan Marks September 16, 2012 — 3:24 pm

    My kind of companion. We have two rats and I like having them “sit” with me (though they are a flurry of motion) while I work. Our dogs like to nap by my feet as I write, also an essential.


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