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Chasing My Own Tail

This week I feel like my puppy running in circles chasing my own tail.  I know you will all already have guessed from my weekly round ups I like to keep on top of things but this week I have been rather overwhelmed.  Between adjusting to new school routines, the fact the teenager has moved out, rebuilding, re-arranging and generally trying to get the house back into some sort of order I am also working a few hours overtime towards the new lap top funds, so writing and blogging has suffered reading has gone out the window.  I do hope by next week normal service will be resumed and I can get into a more productive routine but for the remainder of this one my posts may be spordic and the schedule is out the window.

I have a couple of awards to accept (there maybe more I haven’t read the posts for yet if so I apologise I will catch up on all your posts eventually)

The lovely Vikki over at The View Outside gifted me a little sunshine much needed here with these rainy days, I am struggling to think how to praise her enough in a way which I haven’t previously all I can say is if your not following her why not? Get over there and check her out

She is a bit of a rebel so didn’t post any rules as these things normally involve 7 I am also cheating and sharing 7 pics from the sketchbook I found while setting up my desk the other night they are simple drawings but I really like these

So there you have them hope you like them.

The next one comes from the fabulous CB Wenthworth again another blogger who is a must follow so if you aren’t you know the drill pop over and tale a look here.

1) Thank and link back the blog who nominated you.

2) List five favorite books

3) List five fabulous moments

4) List five things you love

5) List five things you dislike

6) Nominate five people and let them know

My five favourite books (tough one)

1] Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

2] Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice

3] Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

4] The Crucible by Arthur Miller

5] A Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

My five fabulous moments

1] The first time I held my children

2] Seeing dolphins in the wild for the first time

3] Seeing Duran Duran live

4] Getting my first acceptance to have something published

5] Visiting Chatsworth knowing that Jane Austen had walked those same corridors

My five things I love

1] My family

2] My pets (okay they are family too)

3] My books I hate to part with any

4] Thunderstorms

5] Second hand market bargains

My five things I dislike

1] Slugs

2] Tea (sorry Mskatykins)

3] Snow (not so much the snow itself but the fact it brings everything to a standstill)

4] People who are two faced if you can’t say it to my face don’t say it at all

5] Bullies, you don’t look big making others feel small

My five nominees

1] M.S. Fowle

2] Christopher De Voss

3] 50 Year Project

4] T. W. Dittmer

5] Crazy Train To Tinky Town

14 thoughts on “Chasing My Own Tail

  1. congrats Paula. love the sketches, just another talent on your list of many. just think how good you’ll feel when you get back into the swing of your routine, only with the added bonus of your great new work space. remember to take time for you too though…:)


  2. Love the image of a puppy chasing its tail. Congrats on the awards, Paula, and thanks for thinking of me. I think the Booker Award fits me pretty well these days… refusing to live in the real world.


  3. Congrats on the awards. All are well deserved. I hope to read Interview with a Vampire this fall and I’m reading The Moonstone right now by Collins. And I adore Pride and Prejudice. Thanks for the nomination. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I loved your sketches. Have a marvelous day!


    1. yeah though as you can see from the date that was a few years ago, the front on elephant was a working sketch for a bigger drawing I did for my daughter not sure if she still has it


    1. I know there were more but not found them yet, I was playing with the technique hence the reason that they are all quite similar I will have another go at this when I get time but not sure why the fascination with the bull rushes at the time lol


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