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A Hero in Hiding

What makes a hero? Rushing in fearlessly, I think not, a hero for me is someone who is scared yet does what he does anyway.

This time eleven years ago there were many heroes but tonight I want to talk about one a wonderful guy I have had the honour to get to know online through playing a game.  You heard me mention him a while ago after he decided to go get himself all bashed up in a car accident and scare the life out of his friends, though for some reason I thought he was a fireman not a policeman but I think that might have something to do with me preferring firemen uniforms although of course policemen do have handcuffs…

Anyway before I distract myself, let me introduce the wonderful Danny

His status on his fb today reflects his opinion on his actions that day ‘‘We can be heroes … just for one day.’ Heroes by David Bowie.
Everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing 9/11. I went to work.’

I passed this comment on to another blogger who asked me to pass her thanks back for his actions that day which I did which led to another post which touched my heart and I wanted to share, this comes from a man who pulled people from the rubble, who saved lives that day but still only believes he was doing his job.

I could have gotten a cramp or twisted the proverbial ankle … but I felt that these people needed me. The average Joe deserves the accolades because they are the real heroes. They didn’t have a duty to help, but they did. Maybe you saw these particular people on TV. There was a group of people who stood on the West Side Hwy just holding signs and cheering for us all day and night, every patrol car and fire engine… heroes come in all capacities, whether for the physical or emotional support. Those are the people I will always remember, just holding signs and cheering … they did what they could … they gave everybody just that extra boost of hope. Hope is what I strongly believe in, and they gave that back to me.

He is of course correct heroes come in many forms and some will not accept the label despite the fact it is fitting, so no matter how many times Danny you try to deny it in my eyes you are a hero and always will be!

I cannot take credit for this slide show or the music obviously but this slide show I found on you tube is in honour of all those who suffered that day, not only those who lost their lives but also those who live to this day with the pain in their hearts that loss and grief etched there.

For all the heroes…

11 thoughts on “A Hero in Hiding

  1. Paula, Thought you’d like to know the Bandidos finally answered on the post you went ballistic on…They used the name Jim but the gravatar is gone — it had been under Jim Jones. It is under “OMG! I’ve lost 15 Facebook Friends”…lol. I’m pretty sure it was written by the Prez of OK because only a couple of them know how what the Equator is. 🙂


  2. Very nice Paula, thanks for your positive like of my poem “First Contat” on the Morgen Bailey’s Post Weekend poetry site. My Book “Building an unseen Line ” is comiong on amazon in the next 24 Hours (under Louis J. Casson) Best Wishes, Louis


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