A Space to Think

Okay its finally done if a little cluttered still.

It is amazing what you can do with an old desk, a couple of old bookcases and some MDF lol, at the minute it is rather cluttered still as I have lots of things that were stacked in different places awaiting me sorting them and as the room needs decorating that will get done before the desk gets arranged completely to my satisfaction.

I have around ten box files and about twenty arch lever files full of stuff from college and uni, and while I am loathe to get rid of any of it am sure if I am honest it can be trimmed and organised better to fit into fewer files and all the loose paperwork which has strayed needs sorting out so the huge pile you see there will disappear.

As you can see I found even more note pads and pens as I cleared up, some I have not got a clue what is in them and a few house a couple of treasures including a drawing I did of an Elephant and some lovely simple ink line drawings which I shall share at a later date (okay slightly bigheaded I know buti do actually really love them and had forgotten all about them)

Moving round a little you can see some of my herd of elephants again in moving things I found some I had forgotten I even had (there are about a hundred still packed away with assorted other ornaments I do need a bigger house really).Β  Also some of my bookmarks this is my new collecting ‘thing’ as they are more practical then the elephants and take up less space.

More of the herd plus a few dragons mixed in and another pile of notebooks to go through.Β  I know some people like a nice clear work space but I love having things around me that have special meaning most of these were bought by my daughter for me over the years.

Finally the chair, it belonged to Lee’s grandad who passed away a few years ago and is far more comfy than the desk chair, when I type I sit forward and am at the perfect heigh, while I muse I can sit back and relax, it also doubles as my shawl holder if you were wondering lol.

Anyway that is my new space hope you like it, can’t wait till the clutter goes down and the rest can be spread out a little.Β  Now to explore some more of those notebooks….


28 comments on “A Space to Think

  1. Go you, Paula! Was thinking about you today with your new space. I’m just trying to get to grips with being back home. I am a bit like you, have far too much stuff/hold on to too much. But, you never know when it might come in handy! Still, I could do with my own place to put my stuff in, have got far too much of it in my bedroom right now!

    Enjoy your space, looks great – love that rocking chair! πŸ™‚


  2. looks a perfectly organized chaotic place to me. how wonderful! i have something for you that i will bring with me to london…so i DO hope we get to meet while i am there!!!


  3. Gorgeous space. I did something similar recently. With bookcases on top and cupboards/drawers underneath. I like organised clutter on my desk.

    *Also, sorry about the coffee machine comment above……clearly I’ve had too much caffeine today. I just find those ‘pod’ machines end up being really expensive. πŸ™‚


    • I only drink a couple of cups a day and it makes gorgeous hot choc as well I did have one but it died 😦 but I do agree if you drink lots of coffee it is expensive which is why I banned other half from using the one I used to have lol


      • Ah shiny (I use shiny in place of cool – for the non-whedon fans out there). I couldn’t afford to have one. I do have an electric 6 shot espresso machine, the 12 cup percolator, 3 different sized cafetieres, and 3 stove top espresso makers (1, 3 and 6 cup). I’m a bit of a coffee crazy, really.
        Hope you get a new one from Santa.


  4. I love to have stuff around me as well in my work space. The better half will say, “When are you going to clean your office?” And I will look confused and say, “I just did. Can’t you tell?”


  5. I hate my Reader! It keeps me from the best posts! Awesome job getting your space to think together, Paula. I love your collection of elephants “with a few dragons mixed in.” I tend to be a less-clutter kind of person when I write, but I like the things you’ve amassed around you. It’s a happy spot. Love the chair; how nice that you have it. Thanks for showing us your space!


  6. I love it. My writing space is cluttered–and while I can’t live in chaos anywhere else in the house, my study is the exception. I simply have to have everything out and at hand at a moment’s notice.

    I think you did a great job with your space.


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