Late Night Posting

Its 11pm and I have literally just sat down since getting up at 7am unless you count sitting on the checkout at work.  I am tired, my back has been aching so I have taken extra painkillers (not above prescribed doses just to the limit) which means I feel queasy.  I debated not posting at all especially as I can’t remember what it was I intended to post about today.

However I decided to just pop on and say hello, and let some random thoughts escape.

First I have yet again emailed FB as my account is still in limbo, I now wonder if anyone even reads the emails or if the automated response deletes them as it goes along.  It is strange such a large company should have such poor customer service okay I know they are free but surely the fact people pay them to advertise at us should ensure we are actually able to see the adverts.

I need to ring the vets in the morning for my old man Bors, he started shaking his head a few weeks ago but then stopped after a day or so I assumed he had just had a grass seed in his ear and had shook it loose until a couple of days ago when he started aganin but this time far worse, now tonight with each shake he is yelping, I don’t know if he has an ear infection or something in there but he won’t be happy going to the vets.  Boris is my aging rescue dog, my sister was working in the kennels and we had lost a dog a few weeks before and I was not looking to replace him.  I was meeting her from work but got there early so she suggested that my then 8 year old daughter and I look round and we saw him.  An 8 weeks old bundle of fluff sat looking up at us, there were two other puppies in with him but he chose us. I still was not getting him I didn’t have enough cash and knew I wouldn’t be back over at my mums for a few weeks in which time he would have found a home but my sister hadn’t bought my daughter a birthday present for her birthday a week earlier, she paid for him then and there from her wage (I did pay her most of it back it would have been way to generous a pressie in her situation) because my sister could vouch for us they waived the home visit as the other two puppies actually were due to be collected the next day and he would have been alone and he came home with us.

That was 11 years ago, until recently he was still mentally that same puppy but over the last year I have watched him slow down, just before the monster was born our other dog collapsed and had be put to sleep and after mourning he had settled into being the only dog, the arrival of the puppy was a concern.  At first he wasn;t happy to have a little yapping puppy swing off the end of his tail but he has accepted him and they are now a terrible twosome and until today were getting on great.  With the fact he is obviously in pain he is laying alone as I type well except for my jumper I have just noticed he has pinched to cuddle and he looks old again the new lease of life the puppy had given him seems to have drained away.  I know that it will probably only require a few drops to solve this problem but it brings home that my time with him is limited, there will soon come illnesses that cannot be so easily remedied and that one day I shall have to say goodbye.

I have always had pets but it never gets any easier but until that time I shall cherish every day I am given with him a little more.  Sorry it got a little depressing but thats what I am thinking at the minute.

9 comments on “Late Night Posting

  1. Your tired, things have changed this week with the children, Boris is not feeling well. It’s perfectly normal to be tired and somewhat melancholy. It’s hard to think of our pets getting up there in years. We have one dog left, and I hope he’s with us for a long time yet, but you never know. Your story of Boris is a good one, and he was obviously meant to be rescued by you. We rescued a beagle and only had him three years before we had to put him down, but we gave him three really good years after many years of abuse. I just love dogs and wish I could rescue them all.


  2. Makes me think of my daschund that was put down a few years ago. He was 17. Old man! It was time though, he was nearly blind, totally deaf, and mean. Mom got sick he and my pup were sent to the kennel. He came back in bad shape. Running into things, losing his bladder, falling off the bed. It was heartbreaking to put him down, but necessary.


  3. Yep get that one to the vets before it gets any worse.

    Living abroad it hits home more how little time I get to spend with my family. It is a very similar thing to what you are saying here.


  4. A sad but very beautiful post. Hope everything is ok with Boris. It’s always heartbreaking when our pets start getting old, they have such short lives but at least you made his life happy.
    Huge hugs. xx


  5. No wonder you’re exhausted! What a shame, Paula about your back and your pooch – I do hope he’s okay! Ear pain is one of the worst things because you can’t even touch it to make it feel better (does that make any sense?).


  6. My back is an on going thing I cannot actually remember what its like to not feel any pain i it now lol just take the tablets and keep going. Boris is on some super ear drops that seem to be doing the trick slight concern over amount of weight he has lost and muscle wastage but keeping an eye on that and if it continues they will do blood tests, at the min as I type this the pup is curled up next to the chair and boris is stretched out seeing how uch double bed he can fill and snoring


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