All Change

I have a million things going on in real life my daughter moved out today to start life as a grown up proper, and my little boy starts school tomorrow but being the terrible parent I am lol I do not really have concerns about either.

My daughter and her fiance are both sensible and though I know they will struggle with their budget I also know they will shout if they need help so nothing to panic over there.  My little boy has been attendin nursery since 18 months old and his speech is coming on in leaps and bounds and I have no doubts he will charm everyone he meets so again no reason to worry.

So while do I feel bad that I am not a jibbering wreck over either of their life changes?  Does it make me a bad mum that I will not be in floods of tears when I leave my four year old tomorrow or that neither will he? I want my children to have the same spirit of strength and independence I had to feel they can spread their wings and soar but to so many others I know this is seen as not caring.  But you know what I really don’t care my daughter is in her second year at uni and I am incredibly proud of her because it was not easy but that strength ensured she didn’t gove up on her dreams she studied harder re-sat where needed and got on the course she wanted I was a little pushy when she was little but never to the point where she felt pressure only a sense of self belief that if she tried hard enough she could do anything and I will be the same with my boy wherever his path takes him.


9 comments on “All Change

  1. I don’t see it as not caring. Your kids have a level of independence that will be beneficial to them. They know you are there for them in a pinch and that’s what’s important.


  2. Paula, I feel ya; I really do. I wasn’t sad at all when our son moved out this year – and he only gave me three day’s notice. I didn’t even know he was thinking about it. But I couldn’t help him go fast enough. He’s a momma’s boy, and he needed to be out on his own. His dad and I are here for him if he needs us (like I’m dropping his laundry off for him tomorrow), but he’s doing well on his own. Your little monster will enjoy his bit of independence, too. I think it’s healthy when we don’t cling too much. Love the picture. Is that Winnie the Pooh you’re reading there? I want you to read to me, too!


  3. You’re not blubbering because you ARE a good mum – you’ve prepared your daughter for the world, so you’re not worried. And don’t fret – she still needs her mum. (We all do.) And it’s the same for the little one. 😉 Keep smiling, Paula!


  4. Tough, sometimes, figuring out stuff. Could it be that you’re ahead of the curve? That just MAYBE you knew this was coming… that it was your damn job to raise a child that could live on their own in the world and had already gone through the trauma, but slowly, and over time? Nah. Couldn’t be that.


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