Organisation Junkie

I realised today I am becoming a little OCD about being organised, I realised this while making a time table for the week now the monster is about to start school.

In my head I justify the fact we need a timetable so everything can be fit in and everyone knows what everyone else is doing and more importantly what the monster is supposed to be doing, he needs a new routine with the change of school and as he will be with daddy half the week while I am at work it seems like the best solution.  But I know the other half will hate it, he hates having to do things when he is told and I see battles ahead as I try to drill into them both the importance of routine.  Don’t get me wrong some stuff he will understand like bedtime should be at the same time but being told what time the dogs should go for a walk I see trouble especially when its cold and wet!!!!!!!

I might not even stick to it 100 percent myself but the key times are a must so we will see it starts on tuesday as tomorrow morning will be thrown in to choas by waiting for workmen to fix the boiler or at least I hope they are going to get it fixed lol if I have to empty the pantry to give them better access to the boiler and they don’t get it done I shall not be a happy camper. The timetable will be phased in over the next couple of weeks until the monster finally starts full days on the 17th.


What else should I share today my fb account is still in limbo I shall start ranting on tuesday if it does not get fixed soon.

Right I need to go move the kitchen table then start dragging things out of the pantry actually I might even get the monsters easel out and find a home for that in his new bedroom he will be inheriting so it gets some use, then again his art materials are not going in there I do not trust him not to do some DIY decorating, a week of changes await, am holding on tight preparing for a rollercoaster of a ride.


8 comments on “Organisation Junkie

  1. How do you feel about your boy starting school…? It’ll be hard at first, eh? But what an exciting time.

    My man doesn’t like plans. He says that if there’s a plan, there’s every chance it will fail and lead to disappointment… sheesh!


    • Have been through it once a long time ago with my daughter I will admit to being a little nervous because of his speech problems but I am sure he will soon settle in the fact his gran (his dads mum) used to work at the school and knows lots of them as I do from my daughter attending many moons ago helps


      • He will be just fine, don’t you worry about it. 🙂 He might be interested in this, once I’m back home (although don’t tell him yet, because I haven’t actually made the thing I want to make) I plan on having a little Cyril and Willy competition – the details of which are yet to be decided… For the mean time, you guys enjoy the end of your holiday. You still seem to have ages left! 🙂


    • to be fair a lot of the timetable does revolve around the monster and the pets it does lay out some writing times for me but those are flexible and leaves plenty of time for family time on a weekend when we are both home, as we work different shifts during the week we don’t actually see each other that much, and I am pretty sure the slow cooker is going to get some use as I will have to prepare their dinner for while I am at work lol


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