Weekly Round Up #14

Thank you all for you kind birthday wishes I have had a lovely day.  I have spent a couple of hours at the computer this afternoon while the family was out giving me that lovely gift of a couple of hours peace and quiet which am sure any of you with or that have had small children will appreciate the value of.

I decided as its my birthday and obviously the start of my next round of challenges 50 things before 50 I would do a little housekeeping on my desk and in my blog.

First you may have noticed a slight colour change I really was not feeling the pink anymore so have gone lilac maybe each year on my birthday I will change colour unless when I finally upgrade the blog to my own name I find a new layout I really like.

Now I am sure most of you will have heard me mention when it is quiet at work I end up scribbling on bits of till roll, discarded receipts, anything handy until I can get home and get round to making a proper note.  Well here is proof…

Now before I would work on them straight away or they got lost amongst the note books or in the bottom of my handbag so I had a bright idea…

Each idea is scribbled on a memo and folded up and popped in the jar for a later date…

I was going to leave the outside completely blank but given some days I have limited time I decided a hint on the outside of what the idea is suited to was acceptable.

Then it was off for dinner and it seemed even the food knew it was my birthday as my pork crackled perfectly for a change…

Sorry for slightly blurry pic but was hungry by this point and it smelled so good

Then of course came cake…

You know I would have shared with each and everyone of you if possible.

I realised my blogging schedule has a major flaw, having weekly round up on a Saturday was not working.   Saturdays are a busy day for me with work and family and I really needed posts that could be prepared ahead of time so I have tweaked my schedule a little so let me fill you in.

  • Thoughts on thursday

    Again no changes to Thursday

    • Photo Friday

      No change Friday

    • So it’s Saturday

      Saturday takes most of the subjects that sunday had before plus a new one Me And Mine which are posts about me, my family and more personal musings.

    • Sometimes Sundays

      Weekly round up will now take place on a sunday when I have more time plus most weeks there will be a bonus post where I shall either share a blog that I have really loved from the previous week or the new Fact Vs Fiction where I want to examine how world events or fiction can change our opinions or influence our writing.

      I am planning some new headers for each day and to tidy up my about and novel pages aswell as updating a few others.

      I am not going to set targets this week that will be resumed in the next weekly round up.

      I have had a lovely birthday but chocolate overload means an early night 😀


More Awards on my Birthday

The lovely S.L over at The Urge To Write has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award she is fairly new to blogging so I hope lots of you will stop by and lend her your support as you did me when I started.

The Rules…

  1. Write a little something about the Beautiful Blogger who nominated you. See above and don’t forget to go and check her out too.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate for this award 7 worthy beautiful bloggers.

I have also been honoured by Ahmin, who I watch go from strength to strenth with inpired wonder,  with this one

The One Lovely Blog Rules of Acceptance

Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Share seven possibly unknown things about yourself.
Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire.
Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know and link back to them.

As always I am flattered beyond belief with nominations but then quake as I realise that it requires 7 more things to amuse you.  I mean what else can I tell you that you will find interesting?

here goes…

1) today is my birthday not very interesting for you but for me it means I survived another year lol

2) I bought myself a birthday pressie

3) I made this, hand sewing every patch, it has seen better days and was actually supposed to be a tea cosy when it started back in high school

4) I am constantly on the quest to lose weight but have just discovered a new temptation

5) I actually have a designated letter writing box.  I got it years ago when I actually used to write to my gran a lot and have just restocked it as need dictated, the last few years it hasn’t had much use but recently I realised how much I miss sending proper letters so plan on making the effort again if anyone fancies receiving a random letter or christmas card email me or message me via my fb page with your address you never know what the postie might bring

6) and 7) I love charity shop rummaging and a couple of weeks ago picked up this crystal mini vase perfect for holding my quill pen the other thing as you can see is I also have a habit of picking up stray feathers, I did have more but you guessed the puppy chewed them!

Now for nominations I have decided to pick on some of the newer blogs I have followed and they can pick either award depending which they already have


The Jenny Mac Book Blog

The Madame’s Tea Party

Dory’s World

QBG_Tilted Tiara




Dianne Gray author


Wine And Roses From Outer Space

Okay there we go as its my birthday going to curl up with my book and eat cake!

Passing of the Year

On Sunday it will be my birthday and I have been thinking about how much my life has changed over the last year, I had two main aims one the hair cut challenge and secondly to write my novel both of which are sort of done.  The novel is written though from the silence from the publishers I am starting to think that it didn’t make it through to the second round which means more work on it before sending it out into the world again.  The hair will soon be going and hopefully raising a few pennies for a good cause along the way.

I decided to make a semi bucket list which will be appearing as a page on here it will be a list of 50 things I want to achieve before 50 not as simple as you might think, as I am trying to be realistic about what I put on there and make them achievable goals.  I hope once the page goes up you will take a peek and maybe share a few of your own dreams and wishes maybe that will inspire me for a full bucket list at some point.

I posted about Charlie the other day for those who read the post he continues to have good and bad days but is generally still in good spirits at the minute they are exploring various options for further treatment and continuing to raise awareness and believe it or not despite their own troubles money for other charities, just shows what special people they are.  As time is short on the hair cut thing I am forced to leave that soley with the charity I had chosen while Charlie was in remission which is Clic Sargent, this is a children’s cancer charity here in the uk.

Their mission statement is simple

Every day, 10 children and young people in the UK hear the shocking news they have cancer.

Treatment normally starts immediately, is often given many miles from home and can last for up to three years. Being diagnosed with cancer is a frightening experience and the emotional, practical and financial implications of treatment are intensely challenging for the whole family.

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people, and their families. We provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life. We are there from diagnosis onwards and aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

They work within the hospitals giving children like Charlie and his family, hope and support and are a great cause.  The promise for the Ghost stories collection still stands and as soon asI get the book done I will arrange with Charlie’s family a way to ensure that money raised from that goes directly to him and is visable for all to see the money is going there.  For anyone wanting further details on Clic Sargent you can see there website here

If you can spare a pound or a dollar towards helping this charity help those in need please visit my page here at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/locksoflove

I will be booking the appointment to arrange for my hair to go in the next week it is hair dressers anniversary next week so she always has a well deserved break but I promise lots of pics of the big chop aswell.  All being well it is pencilled in for the 5th and I do confess to being a little nervous

Josh Mosey’s Flash Challenge

Strolling through my emails this morning I read this post flash fiction challenge 10 options 100 words limitless possibilities

I don’t normally do these things not because I don’t think they are great but because I always feel guilty at not having time to go read all the others posts who take part but as this seems to be a one off for now at least then I thought why not.  So first the badge thingy which if after you read mine you fancy taking a look, click and it will take you to Josh’s masterpost.

The smell of sulphur filled the air and a crimson glow emanated from the great lizard stretched out filling the cavernous space.  He was close, he could see the light reflecting in the surface of the gemstone he desired, only a few more steps and he would have it. Loose rocks caused him to lose his balance and fall.

The dragon opened its brilliant blue eye, took a deep breath and exhaled.  The flames danced in the precious stones it guarded before dying away to leave the cave empty.  He returned to his slumber to await the next thief coveting his treasures.

Fragments Of The Whole

MsKatykins turn this week to post on Udolpho and I promise to reblog when she posts, although should she get started tasting wedding cake samples we may have a little wait lol So for today something different…

I am not who you see

I can not show you all I am

The fragments of which I exist

Too varied for anyone person to behold

Friend, lover, slaughterer

The contradictions within

The light displayed

The darkness contained

I smile at you while

Mentally I twist the knife deeper

The same lips that touch yours

Sound profanities in my mind

The hands that hold a child

Capable of inflicting pain

With the caress of the keys

Sometimes I smile as you speak

But it is not your voice I hear

From within me they come

These fragments who are part of me

But cannot be part of you

The curse of the writer

Is that we can never give you all

For we must protect you

From those who dwell within

Monday Musings – My Harshest Critic

Okay so I am sat here at the computer at my lovely new workspace trying to write but getting distracted.  What by you may ask, the internet? All your amazing posts still waiting to be read? Maybe the hamster throwing himself against his cage? Nope none of these things…its the snoring!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now please excuse the mess but I did make the bed this morning honest

As you can see Boris (the old man) likes to get his head on the pillows and it is from him the snoring was coming.  The noise he makes you would think there were a dozen men in the bed.  I am not allowed to go anywhere in the house without the pair of them at my heels.

So after an hour of the noise I ask him to please shut up! And up off the bed they get and plonk themselves down next to me.

Patch is busy giving me the look that says take me out again but they have been out and as it is raining Boris isn’t too keen on being dragged out in it again just yet, so I start reading aloud the last bit of the story I am working on to myself, then the drama starts

Boris throws himself on his back and tries to block his ears rather than listen to my story

Before finally hiding his head in shame at what he has listened to.

I take the hint and shut up and they get back on the bed and Boris goes back to snoring, talk about a tough audience!!!!!!!!!

Silver Quill Blogger Award

The Sliver Quill Blogger Award

Okay so my quill pen is actually lilac but the wonderful Rhonda has deemed me worthy of an upgrade, many people knock the internet but I cannot thank it enough for allowing me to get to know wonderful people I never would have met otherwise and this special lady is right up there with the best and in a few weeks if all goes to plan I shall get to meet her in person and I cannot wait. You can check out Rhonda’s answer here.

The rules for this award:

If you choose to accept, are to paste the logo of this award on the top of your post. Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the questions below. Nominate five or more people, list them and let them know that they have been nominated.

The Questions

1- Do you prefer rhyming or non-rhyming poetry?

I am easy when it comes to reading poetry and enjoy both if I am writing it then non rhyming I feel the flow of the words is more important to me than rhyming

2- What’s your favorite Shakespeare Play?

A Midsummer Nights Dream, fairies and humour what more could a girl want

3- Who is your favourite author?

Hmmm actually a tough one as I love so many different genres but I guess overall I have to go with Jane Austen

4- Name three people who you greatly admire.

Hmmm not as easy as it seems, do they have to be alive?  Am saying not for my answers

1. My great grandad who went off to fight in the first world war for a country that had treated him like a second class citizen just to try to provide a better life for his family (okay it didn’t work out that way but the fact he went still changed our family forever)

2. Elizabeth I, a strong woman that took no bull and refused to be forced into marriage in order to secure her reign, okay she had her bad side but don’t we all

3. Boudicca, the woman who inspired in part my novel, strong, brave in the face of certain defeat and unwilling to surrender to save herself.

5- What’s your favourite album ever?

Hmmm has to be…Rio by Duran Duran I can’t listen to it without smiling, partly because the music is still so good and partly because of all those dreams it inspied in a young girl

6- Which primary color do you most dislike?

Not sure I really dislike any of them but maybe blue  because as a child I was always dressed in blue with my two sisters stood either side of me in pink

7- Name a song or a poem that makes you feel emotional.

There are so many for so many different reasons, but one that sticks out is The Cars – Drive even to this day I canno hear it without seeing those Live Aid images, for those who know what I mean I apologise for the clips but for those who are too young to remember I dare you to watch it all the way through without a tear.

So on with the nominations


Rebeka Harrington

Lurking Musings

Josh Mosey | Writer

Katherine Givens

T. W. Dittmer

The Sand County

Quiet Spell

Okay guys  you know how much I love you all, but I will be getting further behind on your posts over the next few weeks but it is in a good cause.
As I have mentioned last year I turned 40 and made some changes in my life I also started on some personal quests, the novel you are all aware of but the other I have been meaning to mention but unsure if it really belonged here but sadly matters have been pushed back to the fore by recent developments and now I really hope you will help if you can.

Let me introduce you to Charlie

This is the picture of Charlie I want you to hold in your mind as we speak he is my friends great-nephew, last year he battled cancer and we thought he had won.  He went home and all was well for the first time in his short life he could run and play like any other child but cancer is and does not cruel give up its victims so easily, this is the other side of Charlies life once more,

Any and all prayers are welcome, but this is now where I explain why I shall be concentrating on my writing.  Last year in a joke with my hairdresser about how quickly my hair grows we decided to do a charity chop I would grow it for a year hopefully get a few sponsors to raise money for a children’s cancer charity and send the hair away to be made into wigs for cancer suffers.  I had plodded away at growing the hair intending to post the link to raise money this month on fb rather than here on my blog but this morning I received news which has changed it all. The chemo has failed and Charlies only hope is treatment abroad which of course requires funds.  While his mum and dad plan various events I am changing my fundraising page to split the proceeds and as soon as I have that sorted I shall provide the link incase anyone is in a position to add even a dollar or two as every bit will help.

But the other thing I shall be doing is getting the short story collection done and working out a way to ensure 50% of anything I may make on it also goes towards helping Charlie get the treatment he needs, obviously the sooner this happens the better while he is stronger his chances are so much better, I shall continue posting and reading when I can but I need to do this.  Please visit his fb page and give him a like if nothing else, the support his family have received has been great but they are such wonderful people they have set up a charity, not only for their own son but to help all other children in the same position you can find their page here Save Baby Charlie Beard-Harris

Thankyou in advance for his extra likes and I shall keep you all posted on his progress

Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It!

I came across this post via Vikki, Joanne Phillips has laid down a challenge to write an Author Mission Statement you can read hers here.

As I am working on my author bio I thought this would be an interesting challenge,so here goes…

To open the pages of a book is to journey to another land, to walk in another’s shoes and share their world. For as long as I can remember I lost myself in others pages and gradually I found that though sometimes I remained in the land they created many times my mind took a diversion and the road led me to places of my own.  Now I share my travels through the flight of imagination hoping others will walk with me for a little while and that maybe some will be inspired to begin journeys of their own.

What do you think, what would your mission be?