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Austen in August – Book Review; Behind Jane Austen’s Door By Jennifer Forest

I was lucky enough to pick up this ebook very cheaply and I am glad I did, the book take the reader on a tour of a Regency home.  Written in a conversational style it explains not only the day to day life of a Regency gentlewoman but also explores in the merits and purpose of each room as you are led through the imaginary home and view its inhabitants at their daily tasks.

The book provides interesting insights into Regency life and while choosing a medium size home to take the tour around it does provide examples from Austens novels to demonstrate how life varied in house of different size, social class and wealth.

The style is welcoming and easy to read, it does almost feel as if a tour guide is showing you round and introducing you to this way of  life.  It does give some good information but this is where I am torn.

If I were to judge this book as it is and it was aimed at children as introduction to the Regency period it would be 5 out of 5, but as an adult I was left a little frustrated by it, I simple wanted more detail.  Judging the book as it is I would best be able to give it 3 out of 5 but as I enjoyed it this does seems harsh.  At times it is tempting to say that the author my have been better doing three separate books one for poor dwellings, one for the modest home and one for the grand houses and explored each in far more detail but I did like the contrast shown between them though at times it did give a feeling of jumping around a little much.  I would have liked far more detail not only on activites but possibly more examples of ecomony within the home.  The author has kept it simple rather than turn it into an educational text book and I can appreciate that but as an Austen fan a lot of the information she shared was knowledge I had prior to reading, I did not come away feeling I had learnt anything.  I love the style of telling but would just have liked a little more content.

My final rating to be fair I shall split the two previous marks I mentioned and give it 4 out of 5 for reading pleasure would I buy it? I would recommend this for anyone wanting to share their love of Austen with a daughter as an introduction or for anyone wanting a pleasant read but for a true Austen fan looking to gain insights previously unknown sadly not.

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