Weekly Round Up #11

Well as you will have gathered it has been a rather exciting weekend for me.  The week however was plagued by technical issues which have limited my time with the laptop so last weeks targets….

1) Keep up with blogging as best I can as computer allows

2) Read read and read some more

3) Work on ghost stories idea in notebook

4) try to read QofA (this is how I shall henceforth refer to the novel to save time lol)

5) Try to get some work done on th ghost story collection

went straight out of the window however onwards and upwards.  My daughter has retruned from housesitting and as we have a week before she moves out i can at least promise a post each day this week.  I shall also try to get some extra posts scheduled just incase this one dies between her moving out and payday.  I am really behind now reading blogs and was tempted I admit to hit delete but I wont I promise I shall catch up eventually so bear with me.

Okay so targets for this week

1) 5k words towards the ghost story collectiion I have the outlines time to start writing

2) Ms Katykins and I are considering a read along for the Mysteries of Uldopho by Anne Radcliffe for next month so I need to work out how we are going to do it and get a post prepared please if you have the book and fancy reading along let me know

3) Get my boiler fixed lol it has died again so will be calling them out in the morning the laundry is piling up because the lovely summer we are having is not helping in getting clean washing dried

4) Get all daughters stuff ready for her leaving and then work out how I am going to make use of the extra space lol am looking forward to actually being able to get to my desk and get it set up properly I am coming to the conclusion a designated work space and time will be a definite plus

5) Make a note of some of my book marks incase they dont swap over when I change computers am thinking if I create a word doc then copy and paste the links into it that might be the best way to do it

I hope everyone has a great week and gets good news themselves

13 comments on “Weekly Round Up #11

    • but I have barely done anything this week lol and dont always meet the targets I set i just find making lists makes me feel motivated to actually try to get stuff done otherwise I could easily spend a day infront of the tv or playing games on fb 😀


  1. Yes! Bring on Rudolpho! I shall post on this soon. Won’t be able to get to my copy until the end of the first week in September – is that cool? 🙂

    Good luck with your mission! 🙂


  2. Oh the dedicated workspace is crucial. I went for a couple of months without one, not good. 🙂 I appreciate hearing your goals, and maybe it’ll rub off on me haha I just GO with my writing work, without too much thought for the big picture (except when I think I suck!) Luckily, it works. 🙂 Nice one!


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