Was it a dream?

I woke up this morning and checked my email, nope it was not a dream I did actually sign my first ever contract to have a short story published last night.  The smile that I had when I went to sleep is still etched on my face.  I have to agree to promote the book when it is ready do they not realise I will be so thrilled I shall be screaming it from the rooftops lol

For anyone inspired by my little success and who thinks they might consider pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to write something different in the name of agreat cause the Writing Out Child Abuse blog can be found here

I will be putting a badge on the side of the blog here to the website please take a look I will link it to their submissions page for anyone who might be considering it.

I decided we should have a little celebration last night just for the aceptance email so we had cake I wish it were possible to send you all a slice but sadly I shall just have to share pics instead.

It was very yummy and I know you would have all enjoyed it but I guess I shall be forced to eat another slice in your honour.

I did not do a post yesterday for this weeks round up so I shall remedy that shortly, overall I am feeling very positive about everything right now and hope you will continue on this journey with me through the whole editing process.


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