Happy Days

You will notice that the schedule has gone out of the window with one thing and another this week normal-ish service will be resumed tomorrow but today I just had to share a happy moment with you. You will recall me mentioning I had submitted a short story to the WOCA Anthology, the subject of which was about child abuse.  This is something I have no personal experience of but sadly I have known people who have.  Drawing on the stories they had told me aswell as the books I have read over the years I decided to give it a go just because I think that the cause is a worthy one.  Five thousand words later I had a story, it was so different to anything I had written before but I decided to bite the bullet and submit it before I talked myself out of it.

Last night I got home from work tto an email, it has been accepted yay!  They did say it needs some polishing and promised to be ruthless editing (I resisted replying that whips and chains excite me incase it gave the wrong impression) but they also said, I quote “I think what you bring to the table is well worth the effort.” Well I am sure you can imagine the silly grin this elicited.

They also mentioned having visited the blog to learn more about me they particularly enjoyed the dungeon tour so maybe the whips will speak for themselves, part two of the tour will be coming soon when I have collected enough rats I shall leave it your imagination for now what I need them for….


22 comments on “Happy Days

  1. Wow! They like you even after they found out you were into dungeons and torture – and you have a tattoo. Seriously, they were probably charmed by how wonderfully unique you are. Congratulations on the story. T.W. is right – how cool to see “ruthless” editing. I hope you will share!


  2. Congratulations to you! How exciting. When does the anthology come out?

    The subject of child abuse is near to my heart. I worked for 10 years for an agency that works to prevent child abuse. The work was hard, but rewarding in that we helped to keep children safe from harm.


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