Sunday Service

Just a really quick post for now as I am heading out to work shortly, yup you heard right working on a Sunday, they are really short staffed and I felt bad my absence over the last 6 weeks had added to it plus extra cash will be useful come payday when I need to replace puppy damage.

This award comes from the very talented Rosalie Squires she started blogging around the same time as me and if you havent visited her blog you really should.

The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post Share 7 things about yourself

Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire Leave a .comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated

7 things about myself:

1) I mentioned I have a dragon tattoo here he is…

2) I just discovered how hard it is to come up with original ideas for ghost stories infact a couple of ideas I thought I had seemed so familiat I had to check my bookshelves to make sure i hadn’t read them

3) Right now am really wishing I hadn’t agreed to work today lol

4) am watching the crime and investigation channel because the toddler lost the remote and am too lazy to play with the cable box to change channel

5) I really dont have any more interesting fact for you and am desperately trying to think of something

6) Am failing miserably

7) I give up and am going to go find some socks so I can wear my boots without skinning my akle again


Nominations as I gave out so many last week am cheating, if you are reading this and did not get one last sunday this one is for you, you know who you are so I know I can trust you to pick up a copy on your way out.

Last time I worked a sunday it was so quite I nearly fell asleep on the till so you never know might get some ideas jotted down or even a poem written before I get home


16 comments on “Sunday Service

  1. Sorry you have to work on Sunday, but the extra money is helpful. Hubby likes the tattoo, and says a phoenix on the other side would be great. He also said, “I would wear that tattoo.” 😉


  2. The reveals after an award are getting harder.I’ll have to borrow your knitting patterns after you’ve used them.
    As for ghost stories how about a child who creates an imaginary friend. His family humour him until he starts telling them things he shouldn’t know. His imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all…


  3. Thanks for the glowing recommendation and all you ‘likes’. You having computer problems too?
    Also, you’ve inadvertently answered a question I hadn’t got around to asking yet – about bending the rules.


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