Weekly Round Up #10

Well yet again the week has been a bit of a wash out I am not sleeping very well and with being back at work am feeling very drained, verging on exhausted.  Of course that in some ways has taken its toll on the mind as well as the body but hey ho what can we do but keep plodding on.  It hasn’t been a total disaster I had to stop in town the other day and buy yet anothe note book this time for the ghost story collection as ideas for more stories came to me when I didn’t have one on me, to be fair I was on my way to work soother than notes scribbled on till roll I can’t do much while I am there but the ideas demanded to be noted and we all know how much I love to scribble in books so whats another in the collection.  I am now up to seven story ideas including expanding on two flash fictions I have featured on the blog The Bluebell Woods and The Library you will notice at the minute a title change on the second from the orginal post but whether this will stay or change again I am unsure yet, I am playing with an idea of a theme in the story titles but I guess that will depend on all the stories fitting when I finish.

The computer is still clinging to life letting me on for an hour at a time so at the minute I have been able to keep up, I might schedule some posts to publish incase it dies completely I am so hoping it doesn’t the idea of having to reinstall everything onto a new computer does not impress me.  I am still debating if I have to replace it whether to go for a desk top rather than a laptop, realistically I could do with both but unless I win the lottery it will be one or the other for now.
Okay last weeks targets…

1) Read through Queen of Ages check for any typos I missed

2) 5000 towards the Ghost stories Collection

3) Do some reading

4) Schedule a nervous breakdown
Basically the only thing I did was some reading and desperately backing up my computer frequently onto the portable hard drive just incase.
This weeks target…

1) Keep up with blogging as best I can as computer allows

2) Read read and read some more

3) Work on ghost stories idea in notebook

4) try to read QofA (this is how I shall henceforth refer to the novel to save time lol)

5) Try to get some work done on th ghost story collection

Lots of trys rather than solid promises just because of the technical issues, am looking at voice recognition software as well wondering if it can type dictation quicker than I can type.


6 comments on “Weekly Round Up #10

  1. Hope the computer holds. I’m not much of a desktop person so I know which I’d opt for. Good luck on the rest of your goals. I think you should’ve included sleep on the list. 🙂


  2. Do you have a dropbox account? If not I suggest you sign up for it (2gb of free storage space) and save some important backups on there. I have been using it for a few years and I love it. You can also securely share folders with other users.


  3. Your computer is hanging to life?! Oh, but a writer NEEDS a reliable one!

    I have actually just returned to work after 2 weeks off, and I can fully understand you feeling drained. Isn’t life just choice, just beautiful, jus wonderful, when you’re at home and writing. Then you must return to the real world….

    Hope your energy picks up, & you roll on. Writer to writer – good luck!


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