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Extra Catch Up Post

Ms Katykins decided that I didn’t accept enough awards on sunday so she has thrust another at me.  If you haven’t already checked out her blog you really should, no honestly you should, yes she is slightly obssessed with tea but she lives in scotland its cold up there she needs all the warming up she can get lol.

Here are the rules for the award:

You will find your Top Recent Commentor’s on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner. If you do not see this, click on the Screen Options in the top, right corner and be sure that “Comments” is checked.
If you are good about responding to every comment, then you will be the first one in the list.
It is the next six commenter’s on the list that you will nominate and pass this award to.
But wait! You may nominate one more person. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received (most recent), or the one who has posted your most favourite comments. This seventh nomination is your choice, but please do tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh.



Vikki (The View Outside)



M.S. Fowle


Also Marion over at Creative Noodling came up with some more weekend questions so here we go..

What’s your favorite beauty tip?

I actually got my best make up tip years ago from a transexual in the toilets of a gay bar in Mamchester, it was four in the morning my make up had slid off my face but theirs was still perfect the tip they gave me was leave at least 5 minutes between layers, put your moisturiser on go away have a cig/iron your top, but your concealer/foundation on do the same them powder do the same then apply the rest of your make up and I have to say it worked


How do you cope with stress?

Depends where I am if possible go for a walk or meditate, failing that turn the music on full blast and try to sing myself happy


If you had to gain ten pounds what would you eat to gain the weight?

You can tell Marion wasn’t thinking of me when she came up with this one, I am one of those people who only has to look at food to put weight on but to play along Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough Icecream


If you were going to run away from your current life where would you go?

That is so tempting right now (looks round at the toddler and the puppy dragging the cushions across the floor playing tuggy) somewhere quiet and isolated maybe a desert island preferably a hot one but still with internet access a couple of hours a day so I could blog about how peaceful it was


What the funniest penis name you’ve ever heard (not from a movie)?

Ermmm my mind has gone blank for this one I guess tiddler because it really doesn’t impress a girl now does it!!!!!!!!!!!


On route back from the hospital I indulged in some retail therapy as a bargain bookshop was having a clearance sale ready for a refit here are by buys,

18 thoughts on “Extra Catch Up Post

      1. I think after I wrote broken my mind shut down as self defense, the with the monster blowing the electrics and a billion other things all going wrong at onceit has decided to stay shut as self preservation lol am sure as i get everythig sorted it will come back but not trying to force it at the minute


  1. Yay! Tiddler is so funny. 🙂 As Robin says, time and space are therapeutic, bet the incense helps as well! 🙂 I love buying books, even if I know that I won’t get round to reading them for a wee while. Great post – funny how this one goes full circle with the nominees, eh? 😉


  2. Well heck, after all that…who is your 7th and why??? Oh yeah, the island…since you are electrically inclined, finagle some sort of power source so you can take ben and jerry with you….as a native of the land of the ice cream gods…i can tell you they’ll want to go. And oh yeah too, tiddler? yeah, not so much. Oh…and one more thing….WTH…another one? really? and you didn’t even come tell me…you knew didn’t you. Oh, before I forget…smile beautiful…we all love you.


  3. Great make-up tip. I wish I could find a mascara that wouldn’t smudge under my eyes as the day goes by. Can you go back and find that transexual and ask for me? 🙂 … Light up the incense and read for a while. You deserve a break.


  4. Great post (as always) and you were really on the ball excepting this award… While I on the other-hand have such a hard time getting my sh*t together. Apparently I spend too much time commenting, I’ve been at the top of everyone’s list…


  5. Tiddler…not sure where to go with that one. Some of my friends are moving to Scotland. Maybe I should buy them some tea as a going away gift. I also go for walks when stressed or when I’m stuck writing. And that is a good makeup tip. Congrats on the award! Happy writing!


  6. Congrats on the award. That’s one I haven’t seen before. Tiddler is funny. Luv the makeup tip, but my goodness, who has time to spend doing layers and pause in between all of them? I can’t even take the time to blowdry my hair!


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