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What do we watch now?

I am going to risk the copyright issue on the grounds that I couldn’t get there and my tax money paid for the event (I  wonder if that would stand up in court, maybe they should be paying us to take pictures of an event we funded hmmm) anyway, I am bereft, its all over, the flame is out and London will return to normality.

Now obviously being a Brit I am biased, I accept that but when athletes and commentators are all saying what an amazing games it has been, several even say THE BEST then we have done something right.

Opening with a Bang

I am not going to dwell on the opening as lets face it we have done that to death, instead I want to pick out a few things which I think made these games such a huge success.

The torch nears the end of its journey

From the minute the olympic torch began its journey from John O’Groats no matter what the weather people lined the route cheering on those priviledged to carry it be they celebrity or someone nominated for their own personal achievements.  For many they stood hours in the rain to watch it pass by to only catch a brief glance.

Visitors to our shores having experienced the weather will probably appreciate oyr sense of humour far more now after all if we couldn’t laugh and make the best out of any situation we would be the most miserably nation on the planet.

Our royal family, love em or hate em the younger generation have done us proud during these games.

Royal Roadshow

Harry, William and Kate deserve gold medals for most events attended they have been everywhere, sitting in the velodrome then straight to the pool or off to the track, they made an effort to attend every event they could possibly get to and not to forget watching their cousin compete.

Zara Phillips

One of my favourite moments was when Zara won her medal and it was presented to her by her mum.  Now we all know there are protocols for not only handing over medals but for the royals themselves so when Anne broke them and gave her daughter a well deserved kiss and hug the cheer was not for a princess but a mother showing her girl she done good.

Mothers love

And lets talk about medals, we brits don’t expect to win many, we usually know exactly who will win one and who will put in a good show but be and also ran, the thing is we don’t actually always care if we win.  We know we can only win so many but what we care about most is our guys do their best.

Golden girl

If their best brings gold obviously we are overjoyed, and there have been plenty for us to ge excited about Jessica Ennis started the ball rolling after two amazing days of competition in the heptathlon, follwed by so many others.

Prancing to music

We watched sports that under other circumstances get little airtime and though we didn’t have a clue really what was going on we cheered along anyway.  It also brought the opportunity to have a bit of fun and enjoy our selves I saw this picture and thought if there was ever one time the phrase fire at Will could land you in trouble it was this…

Other won golds in spirit even if the one round their neck was a slightly different colour, we saw some of our athletes go out on a high as they ended their professional careers, other new names emerging to carry the torch onwards to the next games we hope.

Another golden girl even if her medal wasn’t

The british love an underdog, they respect that people put in the hours of training just to take their chance at a moment in history, after all history is not just about the medals.

We saw women compete from nations who have never allowed women to participate before, every event the last place competitor came home to as bit a cheer as those who crossed the line first, no one would have dreamed of leaving the streets until the last cyclist or runner had passed by, we love the underdog with as much passion as we love the stars.

And there were stars regardless of nationality who we could not fail to appreciate, in the pool Michael Phelps got a standing ovation as he became the most successful Olympian ever setting a record it is hard to imagine anyone will ever beat.

On the track, the Bolt roadshow gave us a master class in sprinting, and paid tribute to our own Mo Farrah with his celebrations.

The medal table shows our success in strictly academic terms, but it does not show the depth of this achievement, if population were a factor as in golds per head then we brits would top the table but what really made these games a real success were these….

The people who filled the stadiums and arenas, who lined the streets and filled the parks watching the big screens, we brits may not be the best at anything but hell we know how to throw a party and this is what this olypmics have been a two week long party.

I saw this tweet last night and I think in many ways it sums up the british attitude to so much .

And now the cauldren has been extinguished but in out hearts the flame will continue to burn

I will leave you with a few pics from the closing ceremony while I go flick listlessly through channels looking for something to watch.

25 thoughts on “What do we watch now?

  1. Paula….Great post. Makes me want to be a Brit! Well done, all of you, very well done. And if you are watching the Paraolympics…keep an eye out for an outstanding American named Josh George…he’s my cousin and an inspiration to all who know him! Go Josh!


  2. Reblogged this on Help Me Rhonda and commented:
    For those of you that had the time and the inclination to watch the Olympics this year, I’m sharing with you a wonderfully written ‘sum-up’ of the London Games by the very talented scribbler Paula Acton, a Brit who is not just proud of her country’s brilliant job with the games, but….well you’ll see. And I’d like to add my own little shout out here for the next step of the games…the Paraolympics…these athletes belong to the world…and we can all celebrate them as a whole. I’m including a link to a site I hope you visit, of a very special olympian named Josh George…
    It’s been said he is arguably the best paraolympian in the world…but knowing Josh…he’d argue. Oh, yeah, he’s my cousin and he’s pretty special to us. But he does belong to the world…


  3. I’m going to miss watching the games. I thought a good job was done from opening ceremony to closing, GB got a good medal haul, and there were plenty of highlights from athletes from all over the world.


  4. Its hard to single out just one memorable moment because there were so many but for me watching Merve Aydin the injured Turkish runner pass the finish line to a standing ovation was certainly one of the highlights


  5. Ennis was great to watch – I was rooting for her.
    I do have to say, I certainly didn’t think we’d out-medal China. Every time they stepped up to an event, I just sighed and thought, “Okay, so who’s gonna get silver and bronze?” LOL Well, except in swimming, of course. That little Katie Ledecky will be the one to watch in Rio – blew ’em away!
    Great post, Paula! 🙂


  6. What to watch now? I recommend an amazon/zavvi/play splurge! 🙂 There are lots of great bargains on there and it’s always nice to have a treat.

    Some great pics there and, you’re right, it’s hard not to get sucked in to it all. 🙂 It won’t be long ’til the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (eek!).


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