Flight of Fancy

Today day my travels are mental rather than physical Marion Green over at Creative Noodling set up a few question so I though I would let my mind wonder and answer them you can check out Marions answers here

In order to have any wish granted would you sleep with someone you weren’t attracted to?
I should say no, and for my own personal gain I would never do it but sometimes you don’t know what the wish would be, a few years ago my son lay fighting for his life at 7 months old and if I had been offered the choice then with the guarentee the wish would make him better you better believe i would have done it, I would have sold my soul to the devil at that moment.


What’s your favorite chick flick?
I am not a huge film fan give me the book any day but if I had to pick one it would be Breakfast at Tiffany’s if that counts as a chick flick!


Would you rather date a famous athlete, CEO, great chef or esteemed writer?
Lee sweetheart if you are reading this post skip to the next question, CEO nope the idea of all those boring corperate affairs where you would be expected to be the trophy girlfriend smiling on his arm is a huge turn off, chef well I am a quite good cook and like my kitchen my way so that a no, esteemed writer could a relationship work with two nervous wrecks awaiting rejection letters?  Sod it we all know I am shallow I would take the athlete any time those rock hard abs, and bulging muscles not to mention the stamina now if I could get an athletes body with a writers brain, Johnny Depps eyes well then Lee might just have a reason to get worries, but I think we can say he is safe.


What song evokes the strongest memories?
There are three for totally different reasons, Duran Duran’s Ordinary World as it brings back memories of finally seeing them in concert last year, Cyndi Lauper’s Time after time was the first song I ever danced to with him more years ago than either of us care to admit to, and the final one is The Cars Drive I challenge anyone who was a teenager in the 80’s to hear that song and not think about the Live aid clips that were shown with it.


Is pornography harmful or harmless?

Neither and both! There would be nothing wrong with consenting adults watching consenting adults the problem is how can you be sure that they are really consenting?  In many cases can you even be sure they are adults? And if you are in a relationship how your partner feels about it is also to be considered just because it doesn’t bother them at one time doesn’t mean it will always be that way when I was pregnant I hated Lee even looking at women on tv because I was the size of a double decker bus with our son.  I do think it can give unreal expectations for young guys like thinking all women are double jointed and can contort their bodies into some strange positions and that everyone likes the same things although with the internet am guessing that that bit has changed quite a lot.  Like many things it is all about what you watch and why, in moderation as a consenting adult watching consenting adults I dont see a problem.



8 comments on “Flight of Fancy

    • Well there had to be one lol 😀 but it shows I do listen to more than one of my play lists well sometimes I have a playlist with loads of Kylie on that I listen to getting ready for a night out spinning around always gets me ready for a night out with the girls


  1. I thought about the first question more and realized that you never really know how you’ll behave until you’re actuallybin that situation. You had some good answers.


  2. My sister and I always used to pay the “would you, could you game” but she always used to suggest people like David Bellamy and Rolf Harris who in my opinion are National Treasures and excluded from these frivolous matters – good answers though!


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