What to do next?

I was determined to have a little break, my muse seems to have other ideas.

My plan was take a week off chill and read then start work on the second part of the Queen of Ages trilogy and have another check through the first part on punctuation etc.  My muse however is hammering me with ideas of ghost stories, not full length novel ideas but ideas for flash and short stories.  I have posted have a couple of ghost stories on here but what should I do with these idea’s save them as blog posts, see if I could submit a few via Duotrope or do I work up a collection as an ebook, I really can’t decide….so I will let you guys tell me what you think


13 comments on “What to do next?

  1. Since I’m the only voter so far, pretty easy to guess what I voted for. A thought jumped into my head when I read this Paula…why give the milk away for free? I’d buy a book of yours any day. JMHO.

    (btw…there’s a ‘ghost’ in your post…”I have posted have posted a…”)


    • blonde moment lol The one perks of an ebook might be adding pics but not sure about that will start putting together what I have and decide how many more I would need to do


      • Well, it’s only right that your ghost is a blonde too! And whatever you decide to do w/the stories will be great. Either way, we get them, so it’s good!


  2. It sounds to me like you might try writing them down and then letting them sit for a little bit while you are working on the trilogy. Then you can come back to them with fresh eyes and contemplate what to do next. If your Muse is pushing you to write them now then it makes sense to me that you’d do that. I think it is great you have all of this creative energy.


  3. If you feel strongly about them, then I would encourage you to submit for publication… if not, then go through it again and then when you are finished and feel more confident, submit it for publication.


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