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Weekly Round Up #8

Well as I promised yesterday I shall explain the reason for my absence.  Editing, yes that dreaded word.

As many of you are aware the final date for submitting a novel for the Luke Bitmead Award was on friday.  After much procrastination I decided to go for it.  That meant that most of last week was spent going cross eyed trying to pick out all my typos and errors still remaining in the second draft, on top of that I had to write a detailed synopsis and a personal statement about why I would benefit from the bursary.  The last is harder than you would think… why should they give me ten grand, well I am awesome…I need it…I just broke the casing on my laptop..none of those reasons really felt natural to me I did my best now for that lovely waiting game.  In a week or so I shall go through the manuscript again and no doubt find numerous errors I missed but as I have had to submit a word count so unless it is changing a comma to a full stop not much I can really do for now.

It also meant I am way behind on your posts I shall catch up this week I promise.

So lets see how I did…

1) Keep following schedule by the end of next week I should have a better idea how you are all enjoying it

With the exception of thursday it has gone well so far you all seem to be enjoying the new schedule but if anyone has any suggestions I am always open to ideas

2) Keep editing – I know if I can find the hours to put in I can do it but it will literally be last minute if I make it

As I said yup I just about made it I also set up a submissions page here incase anyone is interested in seeing how many nails I am chewing off

3) If weather stays nice get out and do some writing in notebooks because I have been so busy I have been working on the computer the whole time which expains why no poetry I always seem to write poetry better on paper

I have only left the computer in the last 24 hours since I hit the send button lol so that would be a nope!!

4) Watch lots of sport – yup I am a sports junkie when the olympics are on and believe it or not once upon a lifetime ago I was a sporty person and used to do the long jump somewhere my mum has a pic of me competing but I have no idea where sadly

Errmmm I should say no I was far too busy editing but I would be lying if I said that I have fit in a few events mainly ones where team gb were likely to win, but if I had missed the deadline I would have blamed the swimmers

This is distracting during editing!!!!!!!!

Maybe I should give away a prize if you can guess the body lol I cut the head off as lets face it the faces are irrevlevant, no one is looking up there

5) Sort out my photos on my hard drive for use here on the blog I can’t even believe how many I have and how many I haven’t posted of places I have visited so before I go off anywhere else I need to sort out wht you have or haven’t seen.

Again failure on this one I blame the above reason lol

For next week only two as I am having an easy

1) Do some reading that means blogs and books

2) keep up with the schedule and relax

22 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up #8

  1. Hm, I can see how that hard body would be distracting. Have it glistening with water and forget about editing. 🙂


  2. Editing is like a whole different mindset, a complete shifting of gears from writing. I don’t see the distraction in the picture, by the way. You must be a big swimming fan? ;-P


    1. thankyou it seemed so easy until I sat down to try to write it I mean we can all come up with lots of reasons someone should give us money but to actually explain why we desrve it more than someone else is not so easy


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