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Normally I would be heading off to grans but today my daughter is taking her little brother so I get a full days editing done.  To that end I am actually preparing this early.  As I write this you have all just had emails about my Twitter Trolls post, having got it off my chest now I feel a little calmer.

So what to write about when I have no travelling to do today.  Well given it is the Olympics it seems a good time to talk about dreams and aspirations.

Each athlete pulling on their national kit has one dream, to win an Olympic Gold, or do they?  For some it is simply the actual act of representing their country at an Olympics that is their dream.  When you think about it it is similar to our dreams as writers.  In our wildest dreams we top the best sellers list, having directors knocking on our doors to beg for the movie rights, but what we would really be happy with is simply seeing our books in print.

Like athletes we invest time and energy into our words, we may not physically run a marathon but I should imagine mentally we do the full twenty six miles plus those few extra pesky yards.  We both need a great deal of self discipline to achieve our dreams, though admittedly they have far more will power on the diet and healthy eating than some writers, myself mainly on that one.

The important thing is accepting that in order to fulfil our dreams whether is be on the track, in the pool or appearing in a bookshop, the power to make it happen lies to a great extent in our own hands.  That some form of talent is needed is true but talent only takes you so far.  The rest of the way in determined by your desire to succeed, you willingness to put in the hours required to perfect your craft, your ability to accept advice and face your failings.  You will not always succeed but it is the drive to pick your self up, dust off your ego and keep trying that will determine your eventual success or failure.

I would rather fail having given all I had than regret not trying.

14 thoughts on “Thought of the Day

  1. I agree. The journey, not the success, is important. And if you don’t try no matter what you’ll always fail. Good luck editing. That is what I’m working on today.


  2. I live by your closing statement.

    P.S. When will writing be an Olympic event? They could throw in some interesting distractions to spice it up – like having a herd of toddlers running around us in circles screaming “Mumma!” over and over.


    1. Yeah but the one who finished fourth will say it was just taking part 😀 without the journey neither would be saying anything, Thankyou for stopping by and commenting it is appreciated 🙂


  3. I agree with everything you said about writing. My fondest desire is to see my work in print. I also harbor the hope that when that happens my work will bring happiness and joy to those who read it or even just get them to think about what I’ve said. It isn’t success so much as the desire to be read, to be discussed and to talk with people about what I’ve written.

    And I think you’re right that it is all about stamina and doggedness.


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